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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Astro WLT Drama Award 2006

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Congratulations to Charmaine & Ray on their well deserved win(s)!

First of all, I have to apologise because I did not take pictures at this event. Eventhough I sat in Zone B 3rd row, I was at the furthest left. Therefore, I can only rely on the projector scene. The clips I took were of the projector screen and please forgive the hollering, shouting and cheering around the clips. Please do not re-post without proper credits.

Back to the award. I arrive approximately 12.45pm to collect my tickets. I was told that it will be free seating so I was advised to be early. Which is totally weird because they also informed me that the red carpet starts at 7.00pm (the same time the entrance open). Therefore, either I choose to see the red carpet entrance or get a good seats in the show. I chose the latter. A little disappointed at the seatings, though.

Before the show, Freddy contacted me to help him pass some presents to Charmaine. I'm a little worried at first because I'm not sure I can reach her without being pinned down by those burly guards since I'm not sure whether her manager, Tina came. But since Myolie's here as well, I think Tina will come along. More on this later.


I was outside the VIP entrance just before the show starts and saw the stars coming down from the level above. Ron was the earliest and he turned back to look at us. Then I saw them: Charmaine and Chilam. She look gorgeous in that fluttery pink number. Nice legs and they were holding hand in hand, chatting. Raymond was friendly and smiled back at us. (Saw Ron too but...)

The highlight of the show was Ray, Ron & Christine mini sketch. I laughed till my tears rolled when one girl hugged Ray instead of Ron. I think the 5 girls onstage will be sleepless last night because they hugged two of TVB hottest actors! Chilam singing PONR themesong was good, though a little off-key because he was unwell.

When Charmaine won Fav Actress, the crowd went wild. Actually, I knew she's is going to win since she changed into another dress during mid-show. Honestly, I don't like this leopard print dress. I wished she changed into a long dress. But she does walk very elegantly in both dress. (You'll have to watch the Favorite Character award clip to get what I mean).

Speaking of fashion, there is no fashion faux paux for the ladies. As expected, Christine dressed sexily while Myolie's was a bit on the funky side (but I don't mind her getting rid of the gloves, though). Maggie was fine but not too outstanding. For the guys, Ray's the best. Nice coat there :)

When it was time to announce the Fav Actor award, my heart was beating fast because I'm thinking: "Please, PLEASE anyone but Ron!" For your information, many were wishing the same (apart from his fans). I was biting my nail when Lok Yi Ling announced "TOB" but heaved a sigh of relieved when Ray's name was announced.

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Tidbits: When the show ended, the winners toast champagne to the crowd. Ray went over and toast glass with Charmaine, who was laughing and joking with him, contrary to what people assume that she was in bad mood. In fact, I don't think she's in bad mood, but she's a little uncomfortable onstage, speaking.

Chilam left almost immediately because he's feeling really unwell. I ran into him but seeing that he's not well, I does not bother him.

Thanks to Alan & Richard, they got me into the celebration party just to pass Freddy's gift to Charmaine. I waited so long at the club (outside, mind you) until she arrived with the rest in tow because she has to go to press conference first. Before that, Chilam breezed by and headed back to his hotel after the press conference.

In the club, Charmaine was seated next to Lok Yi Ling so it's not good to approach her. Luckily I saw Tina and passed the gifts to her. I waved to Charmaine and she smiled sweetly. At that moment, I notice someone looking at me and I looked up. Ron was standing face to face with me. I'm embarassed to say this: though we exchanged some brief stares (yes, stare would be the exact word because his eyes are big and he barely blinked), I didn't smile or say hi. That was a little rude of me but I swear I was too pre-occupied with Charmaine. (But I did ran into him earlier...)

I left after passing the gifts and asking Tina to congrats Charmaine on my behalf. She said yes and thanks for the gift after asking who gave them. For your information, Charmaine do read fans' letter and gifts because I remember the first time I met her, she immediately recognized me: "Thank you for the winter scarf". (I previously passed the gift at the hotel the night before. She didn't open it but bring it back to her room)

Anyway, by the time I left, it was near midnight and I'm a bit worried because there are not lrt and taxi would cost heftily since I lived very far. Luckily Freddy was still around and he gave us (my sis) a ride home. Therefore, thank you so much, Freddy!

Below are the clips: (sorry because the clips are dark)
Fav Actor: Ray

Fav Actress: Charmaine

Fav Couple: Chilam & Charmaine

Fav Character: Charmaine


Anonymous said...

thanks, congratulations to charmaine!! charm and chilam are the best, love them sooooooo much, and they look soooooooo cute together!!
pity that chilam didn't win best actor, but of course raymond deserves it.

alice said...

awwie...OMG!! im soo JEALOUS HERE!!
arggg im dying to go...BUT I CANT!! she won!! SHE DID IT!! thanks seh seh and the others who voted....IM SO happy when i get to see the clips!! she looks so pretty!! and she was holding hands with CHI LAM!! ahhhh im about to faint HERE!! **Faints** cute!!!..that liot clips of them drinking soda was absolutely adorable....sigh....i WANT TO GO!! i would yellmy voice OFF!! ** calm down** and u were next to RON!! omg..!!!!!!!!!! seh dying reading that u didnt say anything to him....hahah that was funny!! is he cute closed-up?? but i wish it was RAY!! ok im done with expressing my reactions....:P

Funn Lim said...

A quick question.

When Charmaine was smiling again and chatting joking happily with whoever, was Chilam anywhere near her? Maybe next to her? If not, I think I see the problem.

She was sulky Sehseh, not her usual self. She wasn't at all friendly.

Helen said...

Thank you seh seh and congratulations to Charmaine. Yes I think Charmaine and Chilam are just a perfect couple. I am so happy that they won.

Charm's pink dress looks cute and show off her nice legs very well.

As for her mood - well, I can't really tell since I wasn't there, but sometimes I think, if she is upset with Chilam then it means she is very close to him personally. Because I think one will only be upset at someone he or she cares about, right? I know I have weird logic, but I wish so very much that they are close to each other.

sehseh said...

Funn, it doesn't matter whether she is happy whether Chilam is around or whonever else. To us (fans and non-fans) at the award, she was happy and that's important enough. Why need to emphasis on her not smiling at the camera for split seconds?

She's happy with the award and though she does not squeals/ jump up and down like Myolie does, that does not mean she is not glad.

Alice, in case you're curious, yes Ron is very good looking. But to me, he's over tanned. I prefer Ray skintone which is just healthy enough (though I admit that the makeup artist probably gone overzealous with the foundation on that night). I won't say he's cute because he's not friendly...

sehseh said...

Pardon me. I meant Ron is not cute because he's not friendly.

Ray seems very genuine to his fans :)

Anonymous said...

eh? ron not friendly?

so he didn't erm, smile at you when you guys stare at each other?


sehseh said...

Nope, we just stare at each other. I guess he's waiting for me to smile first and vice versa.

kalake said...

hey sehseh.. thanks for the uploads. when she got the award for favourite character, it was kinda funny coz the guy was trying so hard to stand beside her.. =D

btw, did u managed to record the skit?

sehseh said...

I wonder whether I should reply this question, because Ron & Ray fans will kill me...

I did recorded the skit BUT I deleted it because I'm worried I might not have enough memory for the Fav Actor & Actress award.

sehseh said...

Yeah, my sis was commenting that the kid was "ng shek jo" next to me. I notice her voice when I edit the clip. We were laughing ourself silly as the kid try to stand with Charmaine in the middlw. I wonder didn't he see the floor manager signaling him to 'move'?

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