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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Another version of LWOLAP themesong?

My two new LWOLAP banner ;)

Finally watched LWOLAP episode 1-2 yesterday. As it was a bit late, I don't have enough time to make screencaps for the whole episode. However, I did made screencaps for the themevideo. I manage to extract the clip to around 6.2mb with good resolution.

LWOLAP themevideo

I have uploaded the screencaps to Yahoo! photo album and in the future, all LWOLAP screencaps will be stored here:
(Bookmark the address and check for updates 1-2 days later)

I will post my episodic recaps and thoughts tomorrow.

Back to the main topic. At the end of episode 2, I notice that the song sound a bit different from the themesong. The melody is still the same but this time, the song uses more string instrumental (like violin) and the lyrics is also different. I like the violin sound after Ray's intro part, gave me some orchestra 'feel'.

Download here:
LWOLAP ending theme

For comparison, you might want to refer to the opening theme:
LWOLAP themesong

Plus: Yeaterday, Charmaine, Ray and Sharon went to a radio interview to promote LWOLAP, which will be airing in HK tonight. For those who manage to record the interview, please email me a copy!

1 comment:

Helen said...

I like the ending theme song too. Hope we can have a full length one soon. I like the string instruments too ( is it pi pa?). More feelings to it.

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