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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Super delayed recaps of AOS

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Ben & Carrie in episode 20.

I know. I stop posting recaps and clips after episode 6 because I was very busy and occupied with all the TVB stars flooding to Malaysia in December. Actually, I did some clips and screencaps halfway through episode 7-8 but totally forgot about that and they're now sitting in a corner of my pc.

Since my pc has been suffering glitches - whenever I play video clips it will 'hang' so you can imagine the torture of restarting my pc over and over again for one freaking episode or even 5 mins clip. And I refuse to take my pc for upgrading because I might as well buy a new one. But if I buy a new pc, I have to forget buying a new 3G handphone or iPod... But so far my pc is sufficient for me.

Back to AOS. Oh yeah, we left at episode 6. Now what is the progress of the characters?

Renee and Ben decided to stay being friends because Renee doesn't want to be tied down again. On the other hand, Ben has rejected Nikki's affection and though she was unhappy at first, she later realized Ben will only treat her as a sister.

As for our Matt and Carrie, they finally got back together. Carrie regained her memory and apparently, on the day she had accident, she was supposed to break up with Matt. Carrie struggled for a while but decidedly to give their relationship a chance. However, the same old problem still exist; Matt constantly ignores her emotional needs. Even Ben saw the red flags but Matt was over-occupied with Sandra's problem.

Kelvin fell for Sandra but as the latter has fallen for Matt, so it's a sour lemon for Kelvin. However, Nikki was there to support him. Meanwhile, Derek has fallen for Matt's sister, Ho Oi and ditched his gf.

In episode 18, Carrie decides to break up with Matt. The scene where Matt went running (and crying) after Carrie was in fact the only scene so far in AOS where Ekin manage to impress me as his biggest acting flaws has always been: emotional scenes. Same applies to Shirley Yeung who still cannot do emotional scene without over-acting. Shudders~

Thanks to Ben, Carrie's relationship with her estranged brother, Wah has start to improve. Talking about estranged family members, Sandra's father came back and Matt happens to stuck in between them. Sandra, who was kept in the dark, was secretly overjoyed that Matt-Carrie has ended for good. Her father's return, however serve as a huge blow to her as she realised that Matt only cared for her as a mentor. Linda falters in her emotional scenes as well but at least better than Shirley.

In fact, all the younger cast like Chris Lai and Charles Szeto showed weaknesses in emotional scenes. Very forced. But I do see potential in Chris Lai as IMO he did well in episode 20, when his family went bankrupt. I just wished he stop over-tanning himself.

Continue to the storyline. While Matt nursed his broken heart (and ego), Carrie moved on and found a confidante in Ben. We'll see more of this in episode 21-22. Matt-Sandra and Kelvin-Nikki storyline has begun to pick up, though there is only like 10 episodes left. For Matt-Sandra, Matt kept giving Sandra 'on' and 'off' signals, while Nikki has started to fall for Kelvin.

Oh yeah, Renee is pregnant with Dominic's baby and she is getting re-married again. What hurts Jacky most is that Renee ignored his feelings. Yeah, as if Renee really paid attention to him before. I mean, we all knew that Renee is a terrible mother, she only cared for Jacky when it's convenient for her. I read some spoilers and due to an accident, Renee miscarriaged and she wants Jacky's custody because she can't have children anymore. I repeat: TERRIBLE MOTHER because I'm 100% sure that she will never want Jack back if she can still have children.

That's all up to episode 20. I'm really anticipating for next episode because Ben and Carrie will finally get together. I'm just not to excited about Sandra's : "I'm here! SEE! Love me, Matt!"

Btw, here's some interesting pics of DOP that I found:

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This is the supposed Dance of Passion poster shown in Mainland China. Will they use this one or the one shown on TVB 2006 booklet?

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Found this pic in The cast were makeup-less, weary but still look very happy. I wonder if the hand holding that piece of bbq meat was Moses'... lol...

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Anonymous said...

I don't think they'll use a plain poster (like the china poster) as the official HK one. The one in the 2006 booklet looks better :)

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