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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Not again...

Ever read those news that make you groan "Not again..." before even finish reading the title?

Article here

This news was a few days back and at first I didn't want to mention it here. Seriously, do we really need to know the status of their relationship? Obviously there's no denying the fact that they are seeing each other so why make a big deal whether they're 'official' or getting married, a repetitive junk that we heard since two years ago.

To be totally honest, and I'm going to say this only once: I cringed at the prospect of their union as the lady in question definitely deserved someone better. Before Mr. B fans start sending me hate mails, I have to say while he is cute and all, he's just not a good match for her, IMO. And I have this wicked fantasy of wanting the rumors with Mr. M is true. But then, Ms. Liu fans might start bombarding my emails...

You know what? Charmaine is an intelligent woman and I think she'll make the right choice, whatever or whoever that makes her happy, will make us fans happy too (to some extent).

My verdict on their relationship status? Sort of remind me of S.H.E.'s Not Yet Lover (Lian Ren Wei Man).

IMO, the suitable song should be Rainie Yang's Ambiguous (Ai Mei). OT: I like this song so much that I will be making it the background music within this week.


Funn Lim said...

What is this man? Mr B? Mr C? Mr M? Ok I know B is who. M is ermmm War And Beauty guy issit? Oh that would be a nice union but I doubt it's true because can't see the sparks. Personally I like Mr C as in Moonlight Mr C or Mr R but he has a long time girlfriend. Running out of alphabets.

Frankly I wanna know the status of their relationship. Because many of Miss C's fans are still denying Miss C and Mr B are an item. I mean puh-leaseeee they're so an item you know. Face the facts. And it would be nice if Miss C just admit she's seeing Mr B and I am sure Mr B's fans will be delighted. Is her fear of announcing the union stem from the fact that she knows fans of hers don't quite like Mr B? Mr B gives me an impression he is learned, educated and yes, cute and fun and all. BUT these days I don't like how he so readily publicise their relationship without really admitting it. Like you once said it's like he's using her fame. Let's face it; she's more famous.

In my opinion, frankly Miss C is at an age where she really wants to settle down and have children. Mr B seems like flamboyant guy but maybe he is loyal and a potentially good father. Of course if Mr M (if he's the one I think he is) is true, then Mr M is better because he gives me an impression he is serious and dependable. But all the alphabets in the world, I truly think Miss C like you said can do better. She just needs to open her eyes BIGGER and there is always a better candidate just around the corner. But you know what? Better Mr B rather than some hot shot businessman. Because if she marries a business and a prominent one, you can start crying because she will be retiring.

Why no one mention Mr S? As in DIF Mr S? He's married? Ok, Mr G (as in 7 sisters) also married. Who else? Maybe outside of HK and China. Mr R? As in Encik Hujan but too young and lagi teruk; cannot be in a relationship.

Ok lar, she's stuck with Mr B. He's not THAT bad lar. But for once I just wish she just admits she is in a relationship with him because then no one would bother to take their pictures.

By the way shocking news; Marco Ngai, 38 yrs old was once almost bald! Never knew!

sehseh said...

Funn, for a moment there I thought you will use up all the 26 alphabet! lol...

But given the chance, Mr C as in Moonlight is a good choice. Mr. R is not her type lah.

sehseh said...

M is ermmm War And Beauty guy issit? Oh that would be a nice union but I doubt it's true because can't see the sparks.

Bingo. Well, we have to see Dance of Passion to decide. There's one kissing scene that can put other passionate kissing in TVB to shame but like you say, as always, C is good at kissing scene.

Funn Lim said...

Oh got hot kissing scene? I am sure not that hot one lar since this is TV. She is a great kisser, Moses Chan maybe not. A bit botox-ish when it comes to kissing. Really who do you think compliments Charmaine best in a kissing scene? I am sure many will say Chilam but they kinda forgotten there was Sunny Chan once. So far none that is very passionate. But then I haven't seen Benny Chan kissing her. I saw the screencaps and let's just say I kinda feared for her life, because he looked like he was sucking her into his mouth!Interesting is that anyone who has seen that carry me fly series never really rip of that scene on the bed I saw. THAT is the scene I am interested in because in the screencaps it looked really daring but awful.

sehseh said...

Funn, you can watch the kissing scene here:

It's at the end of the clip.

Best kissing partner? Hmm... dunno ler. So far think it's Sunny and Chilam. Please don't remind me of Benny's kissing scene because it's sort of like vacuum, urgh.

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