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Friday, December 30, 2005

LWOLAP: Characters and Official Gallery

Note: Please do not repost without proper credit. Again, please excuse me while I try my best to translate the chinese (or more precisely wuxia) terms. Images copyright of TVB.

Main Characters in LWOLAP:

Fung Hang Lit - Raymond Lam
Descendant from Mongolian royalty, he is a rare talent in martial art. Fung Hang Lit was betrayed by his wife Gum Bing Wan to become Pong Ban’s tool in practicing energy, causing him to lose all his martial art. After that, he was pursued by Pong Ban and luckily Hon Pak came to his rescue. The two become good friends.

Later, Fung met Chun Mung Yiu. Mung Yiu found out that Fung was betrayed by her sect sister Bing Wan, thus she feel sorry for him. She helped him to look for his sifu Li Yeuk Hoi, and Fung finally regain some of his power. Fung and Mung Yiu were trapped in the evil master’s mansion and after repeatedly going through life and death together, they created a deep bond.

Fung coincidently found Bing Wan but she drove her sword through his chest. He felt a form of energy in his body that was purposely left by Pong Ban. Pong Ban wants him to see the real world and regain his identity as Mongolian royalty. After much advice from Pong Ban, Fung channeled all his feelings into hatred, vowing to ruin Ming dynasty and rebuild his lost dynasty.

Fung schemed to draw Hon Pak and Emperor Chu together, placing the martial arts world and government in great perils. He also used feelings to move Mung Yiu, using her to learn “The Heart of Sword” to discover the secret behind Rain Ceasing Sword and attaining a powerful martial art. He does not hesitate to fight Hon Pak, determined to restore Yuan Dynasty.

Hon Pak - Bosco Wong
Originally the son of Ming Dynasty founding ministers; he was separated from his father at young age and wandered around in the streets before he was found by Lord Yin’s household head Hon Tin Dak under the cypress tree. He was rename Hon Pak (Pak means cypress) and grew up in Lord Yin’s manor as servant.

Due to destiny, he gains possession of Rain Ceasing Sword which has been missing from over 10 years and offered it to Lord Yin. Using the sword as bait, Lord Yin hosted a sword showing ceremony to lure evil master Pong Ban out.

Out of the blue, Fung Hang Lit stole the sword from Hon. Hon risked his life to goes after the sword, and became acquainted to Fung from enemies to friends. During the same time, Hon bumped into Chi Jun Sun who transferred all his internal energy to him before passing away. He hopes that Hon will avenge him by defeating Pong Ban in the future.

Hon follows Lord Yin to the capital and after some investigation; he found out that Hui Yeuk Mo is his father. Father and son reunite, causing Hon to be both happy and miserable. He is miserable because Hui Ye Yuet has become his sister, turning their love into incest. Both were forced to end their relationship.

Hon’s skill and personality impressed Long Fan Wan, who decided to take him as a disciple and entrust the Raging Dragon Sect to Hon as well. On the other hand, Hon entered the palace and became Emperor Chu’s closest friends. Hon repeatedly thwart the emperor’s assassination attempts and regarded by Emperor Chu as his lucky protector.

With his martial art and extraordinary encounters, Hon quickly became popular in both martial art world and the government. However, he does not expect Fung to be the descendant of Mongolian royalty, who is secretly plotting to harm all the loyal subjects in Ming court. Hon sensed that Ming dynasty is in grave danger. Facing the country’s enemy in Fung, he’s preparing for a life and death battle.

Chun Mung Yiu – Charmaine Sheh
Chun Mung Yiu originally was an orphan who was adopted by Yin Jing An. Mung Yiu was her master most outstanding disciple who manage to learn “The Heart of Sword”, enabling her to feel others innermost feelings: excitement, anger, sorrow and happiness.

Once, while leaving the mountains to seek for her elder sect sister; Gum Bing Wan, she ran into Fung Hang Lit who was betrayed by Bing Wan. Seeing that he has lost all his martial arts, Mung You deeply sympathized with Fung and decides to cure his wounds and seek help to restore his martial art. Over time, Mung Yiu pity for Fung gradually turns into love. However, Fung’s heart still has Bing Wan. Therefore, they have to keep their feelings to themselves.

With Pong Ban as a threat to the martial art world, Mung Yiu teamed up with Hon Pak to solve the dispute between the Emperor and Lord Yin. Mung Yiu and Hon both share the same ideals, but she was unable to forget Fung. Afterwards, Fung changed his mind and returned to pursue Mung Yiu. Mung Yiu was moved and they became lovers. She never expected Fung to be Mongolian royalty, moreover determined to restore Yuan dynasty. Mung Yiu has to choose between love and country, causing her unspeakable pain.

Gum Bing Wan – Sonija Kwok
Gum Bing Wan was Yin Jing An’s favorite disciple. In order to prevent the clash of holy and evil force, Bing Wan was sent to Pong Ban’s side. After staying together for some time, Bing Wan fell in love with him and subconsciously assists him to practice evil energy. As much as she can love, she can also be heartless to others as well.

Bing Wan assisted Pong Ban’s plan. First, she married Fung Hang Lit who is the Mongolian royal descendant, later abandons Fung to make him suffer emotionally. Afterwards, Bing Wan seizes Fung back from Mung Yiu, meeting and parting many times. All this was arranged by Pong Ban who wants to provoke Fung’s memory and sentiments for Yuan dynasty.

Bing Wan found out that the Rain Ceasing Sword was kept at Sacred Sect and pretended to repent to deceive her master. In order to get the sword for Pong Ban, she encounter many twist and turns, only to realize that she will never obtain Pong Ban’s true love. Dejected, she disappeared until Pong Ban’s death, committing suicide to follow him.

Long Fan Wan – David Chiang
Long Fan Wan was Central Plains’ number one fighter. Before Ming dynasty was established, Long assisted Emperor Chu to build his empire. He doesn’t expect that when the Han force won, Emperor Chu will kill off their ally so that he could control the whole country. Feeling indignant, Long created his own sect and this made him a thorn in Emperor Chu’s eyes.

To protect the martial art world, he united all the eight major sects to fight against Pong Ban and foreign forces. Long trained hard to achieve a breakthrough in his martial art, and through the company of Guk Zi Sin, he finally let go of his sentiments for his dead wife. In the end, he was enlightened and battled with Pong Ban.

Pong Ban - Derek Kwok
Pong Ban practiced the highest level of evil martial art; "The Devil Heart", and defeated many powerful opponents from both Han and Mongolians, earning him the title of the most powerful in martial art world.

Pong Ban does not desire to merely dominate the martial art world. Destroying Ming dynasty and restoring Mongolian kingdom are his life long ambition. At the surface, he appears to be pursuing Fung Hang Lit, but actually he is assisting Fung to learn "The Devil Heart" to the level of surpassing even himself.

Hui Ye Yuet - Sharon Chan
Ye Yuet was an orphan who was adopted by Hui Yeuk Mo. She has a lively and intelligent personality, a filial daughter to her father. The Rain Ceasing Sword re-appearing in the martial world sparks her interest and she quickly travels to Lord Yin's manor. She encountered Hon Pak and together they chased after Fung Hang Lit who stole the sword. The duo supported each other on the road and created a lot of funny situations. Soon, they developed into lovers.

However, Hon found out that he was Hui Yeuk Mo long lost son, and their relationship turn from lovers into siblings. Rationally, Ye Yuet knew she has forget about Hon, but she still loves him.

Later, Ye Yuet assisted Lord Yin, who fell for her. Lord Yin divulged her identity as an adopted daughter to let her choose fairly. At the same time, Emperor Chu passed away and Duke Yun ascended to the throne. It was a dangerous time of life and death for Lord Yin and Ye Yuet decides to stay and help him get through the difficult period.

Fan Leung Gik - Power Chan
Leung Gik became an orphan after the war. When he was young he met the 'supernatural healer' (sorry, don't know how to translate!) who taught him superior light martial art skill, especially the ability to run like wind. Leung Gik was also skilled in thievery, stealing a lot of treasures. After some years, he accumulated a vast collection of treasure throughout the land, leading a wealthy life.

Many people were after the Rain Ceasing Sword after its reappearance in martial world. Leung Gik managed to steal it but no one knows that, causing him to lose fun. Therefore, he put on disguise as a storyteller and disclosed the secret of the stolen sword to Chun Mung Yiu, hoping to make her curious and trace after him. He 'agrees' to let her announce to others that he stole the sword with his great skills. They became good friends and pledge to help each other. Seeing Pong Ban domination in martial art world, Leung Gik decides to join forces with Hon Pak and Fung Hang Lit.

Leung Gik feels a special bond with Hon Pak and teaches him martial art through various strange methods. He also helps Hon to straighten out and this Hon regard him as his mentor. Thereafter Leung Gik accompany Hon and Hui Ye Yuet, making a living as a wandering fortuneteller, creating a lot of comedy.

Leung Gik secretly admires Wan Ching, the beautiful female Taoist. Because Wan Ching is a nun, he does not dare offend her and can only enjoy stealing glances of her.

Lord Yin (Chu Di) - Evergreen Mak
Lord Yin was Emperor Chu's fourth son, born from a Korean mother. The Han was prejudiced against foreign ethnic and suspected Lord Yin was not Emperor Chu's son because he was born prematurely. Thus, his father treated him coldly since he was a child.

The day his father was inaugurated as emperor, he was given the title of Lord Yin and bestowed the land of BeiPing (now known as Beijing), which was a barren place. Under Lord Yin diligent construction for more than 10 years, BeiPing was gradually transformed into a prosperous city, and soon into a powerful influence.

Lord Yin has wide acquaintances with heroes all over the world and was popular among the citizens. Unintentionally, he was seen as a competitor for the imperial throne. At the same thing, he felt there is a mysterious power lurking in the background. Through Hon Pak assistance, he finally found out that Duke Yun was conspiring with the Mongolians.

Shortly, Emperor Chu suddenly passed away Duke Yun accused him of poisoning the emperor. Lord Yin knew that Duke Yun was merely a puppet of Fung Hang Lit. To protect the country, he formed a movement 「清君側、靖國難」to fight for the common people.

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