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Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Dance of Passion presentation clip

A huge thanks to Carlavidaamor, who sent me this clip. Kitson has the full length clip with all the sales presensation series, but it's more than 110mb in size. Please go to his site to d/l the full version.

Here is the Dance of Passion (DOP) clip. Very tense and it left me in awe.
Link 1 (rapidshare)

Updated 5/12/2005:

Scene 1: Moses stared at the woman tied on the stake. At the cliff, Bowie is pointing a gun at Gigi.

Bowie: If you're disobedient, I'll beat you. If you're forgetful, I'll beat you!

Gigi: If you refuse to divorce me today, I'll burn down your house. If you refuse to divorce me tomorrow, I'll burn down your factory!

Charmaine: Destined to bring bad luck to husband, never to grow old together...

Ada: So what if I'm ordering you to have children (with another man) right now?!

Kenny: I'm unable make Long Yuet (Maggie) pregnant!

Maggie: As long as I'm here, the clan will continue to flourish (I'm the first wife and I can have children too).

Charmaine: Committing adultery...

Charmaine: Unable to have children...

Charmaine: Bound to bed by sickness....

The Dance of Passion, a tale full of love, lust and hate...

p.s. I'm so pleased that they have decided to put emphasis on Charmaine's character in this trailer. I hope this role will bring her the Best Actress Award in 2006. However, it's still too early so I guess we should wait and see.

DOP will be aired in April next year while Ray and Sonija has confirmed that LWOLAP will be airing in January 5, 2006 at 9.05pm slot. Rejoice, fans!


Funn Lim said...

Saw the clip and I must admit, very atmospheric, dusty and interesting although I am wary about Gigi lai. What is the basic story of this series? I really do believe Charmaine is going to make her name as improved actress playing melancholic characters because she does have that sad looks these days. Maybe she will win next time but you know what? Maybe not. Kenix has yet to win anything right? Have to run through the cycle first before it is her turn.

sehseh said...

Funn, I don't know whether if you notice this but it seems that the producer Chik Kei Yi was pretty infatuated with Gigi. He practically praised her urm... 'superb' acting until 'tin shiong yau, dei ha mo'

Be... prepared... of... her... exaggerated... in... bated... breath.. (sorry fans, out of air here ;P)

I think Charmaine is good at those melancholic scene because of her huge, watery eyes. Until you see her in person, you'll never knew how 'huge and expressive' they are. But since she said she is prone to melancholy in real person, I hope she won't take too much of these roles - it might really pull her into depression.

As for Kenix, I don't think she has any good series coming up next year - yet. But since the hooha over this year's award, chances are slim for her.

Maybe it's too premature to decide who will be next year Best Actress finalist, but my guess are:(if DOP did well in rating)

1. Ada (provided that her role was promoted in HK. Look what happened to Maggie Cheung)
2. Gigi (no prize for guessing lah)
3. Charmaine (of course!)
4. Myolie (provided that War & Destiny does not bomb in rating)
5. ------ (care to fill in the blanks?)

sehseh said...

Storyline? Hmm.. quite long winded and how to tell without giving away too much spoiler (and ruin the fun?)

Okay... Once upon a time, in the yellow plains, is a village that flourished due to firecracker industry. This community is headed by two powerful clans, which is

1. Yim clan
2. Sung clan

Yim clan is the original settler in the plains while Sung clan has just arrived there for the last 3 generations. Over the years, the relationship between the two clan worsened and they fought over the firecracker industry.

Yim clan was headed by Man Hei (Bowie) who is the king of all MCPs while Sung clan by Yuk (Ada), the Sung widow. According to Ada, her role is very evil.

Bowie took a new wife, Fung (Gigi) who came from a wealthy family but she dislikes him because he abuses her therefore you can say their relationship was volatile.

On the other hand, Ada has one grown up stepson (Kenny WOng) and her own son is just 7 years old. Kenny has a wife, Maggie but this couple has remained childless.

Sing (Moses) is a Sung clan member who was mutilated and thrown out because he have an affair with Yim clan member. He has a fiancee, Fen (Charmaine), who came from a poor family. Fen was poor and wanted to escape poverty so she married Kenny as a concubine, and lived under Ada's control. However, she still harbored feelings for Moses.

Moses came back to revenge on Bowie, who had an affair with Ada. He himself also have affair with Charmaine. I think that's all for now, the rest should be kept secret for now :)

p.s. If you think the relationship in WAB was sickening enough, think twice.

Funn Lim said...

Oh not sickening no. Confusing is more like the word. SO in the end like WAB very few male characters and the female would have slept with TWO male characters at least once? Very adult content if you ask me.

Is that producer you mentioned also the producer in WAB? From the clip she lookedearable whilst Bowie loked intense but really she is truly very inadequate. I thank GOD Joe Ma is not in here BUT who's that? Kenny Wong Tak Bun right? Very wooden.

I never knew Charmaine is prone to melancholy in real life. I really do think she will make an excellent pair with Jang Dong Gun. HONEST! The way you described her is so familiar like JDG. Anyway they will never ever ever ever meet. But melancholy is not depression. I am prone to it also, but I am sure she picks herself up immediately after.

I don't need to meet her to know her eyes is big. More so when her face lost so much weight which makes her eyes bigger. She gained weight I see but I miss that cute chubby-ish charmaine many years before. Am I wrong to say that ever since she joined terimee and lost so much weight, she seems to be so accident prone? Falling over and everything like losing her balance a lot? She should take very good care of herself. I mean she is one actress who is blessed with a really tiny waist by today's standard and was voloptous before but since losing weight, her waist became missing as well. A pity actually.

Anyway from the way you describe the story, do we have something like WAB and most will die as well?

I have a feeling it might be Ada's year next year because she is very heavily promoted. Charmaine I always believe should have won the most improved FIRST. Not that Ada is that great because she isn't.

sehseh said...

Yes, Chik Kei Yi also produced WAB, ATE and Blade Heart (BH was terrible! URGH!)

Haha, you're right abt JDG but impossible lah. I wonder if they ever meet and hit it off, will you hate her more or like her more? As I remember you once stated you have a love-hate relationship with Charmaine. Ah, the dilemma... ;P

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