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Thursday, December 29, 2005

2006 is coming in 3 days!

Gosh, New Year is just around the corner (actually, it's this coming Sunday)! Time passed by so fast.

Hmm... that's mean Sehseh's Blog 1st Anniversary is nearing as well. Yeah, this blog was 'born' on Jan 5, 2005. I'm thinking of revamping my site, but so far no idea. A lot of people have been complaining, asking me to change the bg color. So YES, I'm changing it but I need ideas/suggestion from you guys.

I checked my old post for year 2005 resolution and here's what I posted:

1. I will stay healthy - stay away from junk food, maintain good diet and exercise (coincidentally something i've been trying to do since the new millenia)
I actually gained another 3 kilos. Though I look pretty fine but damn I want those killer abs! I successfully avoid rice and starch for 3 weeks but I gave up because it made no difference at all. As far as I remember, I will only slim down drastically if I'm sick with fever. Dangerous but hey, 2 kilos in 3 days; gone!

2. Reduce watching television series
You know I'll never reach this goal. I'm a TV junkie and I admit that. I don't know why I made this resolution in the first place...

3. Get a study loan for my JMU summer top up program.
Down the drain. Next, please.

4. Getting a job in case Resolution 3 failed.
Due to failure No.3 above, I wallowed in self pity and spend a few months basically doing nothing. Well, apart sleeping the daylight (and sanity) out of myself. What made me come to my senses? My folks threatened to cut my life support system: $$$. Therefore, found a job in 2 weeks time (yes, and it's the job I'm currently holding).

5. Stop obsessing abt Charmaine Sheh. Ok, cancel on this one.
I was obsessed with Charmaine, but never those crazy stalker types. I admire her, but I never modelled myself after her, you know what I mean? I can ramble on how wonderful she is but I don't throw myself at her or scream madly whenever I see her.

I knew I couldn't achieve my resolution but failed 4 out of 5! Tsskk... tsskk... Nevermind, next year resolution will be better, I hope.

Sehseh's Year 2006 Resolutions:

1. Earn more money and continue doing the stuff I enjoy. For example, surfing online leisurely, being able to translate and share info etc. Or better, have my site discovered and earn some income from it. Nah, just entertaining my silly thoughts.

2. Improve this site and achieve 300,000 hits by end of 2006. I know this is a bit hard to achieve, but please suprise me because whether I'm able to achieve this or otherwise depends on you people!

3. Learn a new language. Firstly, I need to learn Chinese because it'll certainly help when I need to translate the chinese articles. Plus I'd like to sing karaoke without the help of pinyin. *Cough* Secondly, maybe pick up Korean because it'll be pretty cool.

4. Save enough money to give my folks overseas holiday. They spent most of their life raising bloodsuckers like me, of course need to treat them well or I risk being hit by lightning. If only I can get my sis to pitch in.

5. People will stop calling me as Shehsheh. The only thing I have in common with Charmaine is that we share the same middle name. For the record, my chinese name is 詩絲.

6. Have my own asset like owning a car. I need to get a driving license beforehand though. Just don't ask why I haven't got one yet *grumbles*

7. Rent a larger house/apartment because I'm sick of sharing the bathroom with my sister. I thought I was the one very 'moh' (slow) but she is 10 times worse!

8. Meeting Rain in real life. Will I get weak in the knees? Gosh, I'm a bit dizzy from just imagining! No worries, because I control my excitement very well and I'm definitely not those types who jumped on the celebs. (Aiyah, I've interned in an international chinese record company before and seeing those celebs walk in and out... nothing special)

9. See a shrink on how to solve my phobia in dogs. Once bitten, twice shy. Try to imagine because I've been attacked 3 times. Not a pleasant experience. I still get nightmares periodically.

10. My friends will stop asking me whether I've found 'the One'. Very tiring to explain why I prefer to stay single. I'm quite serious about buying that hillside spinster house.

So... What's your resolution for 2006? Care to share?


Funn Lim said...

Oh yeah, ermmm WHY you haven't got driving license yet?

Don't worry about the shehsheh thingy. There was a time people thought I was FANN not FUNN and interestingly FANN which I thought was FAN was actually pronounced as FUN like my FUNN. Hence the confusion.

And exactly how serious are you about the hillside spinster house? Even if Rain were to come into the picture?

sehseh said...

Aiks... I never took any driving lesson when I was in high school. But now, maybe if I stopped buying so much new clothes/shoes/make-up every month maybe I can save up the money for driving license because it is so expensive! But then, have to sacrifice my weekday to take classes...

Funn, Rain wil never ever in gazillion years come into the picture because you know, I know and everyone know that this is impossible. But yeah, I'm like 80% sure of the spinster house. My friends tell me to wait and see but you know what? I'm not even looking for a guy. Seriously, I can drool over some gorgeous guys (namely like Rain and Daniel Wu) but never thought of getting 'the one'.

Anonymous said...

yay! finally someone who shares the same idea with me about the spinster house thing. (except mine will probably be near a beach, if i can afford it)

Funn Lim said...

Shehsheh, OPPS! I mean Sehseh, HAPPY NEW YEAR. My wish for you in the new year is for you to get what you want, what you need, all of which you certainly deserve and it is my pleasure to have made your acquintance.

By the way you're wayyyy to young to start talking about spinster house on a hill, by the beach, next to the dumpster, whatever. GO OUT! Find someone! Maybe someone who likes Charmaine Sheh too but of course LIKES YOU MORE THAN Charmaine Sheh should be the standard you settle for. Never buy a car until you're emotionally ready for a financial tie down type of situation unless you're happy with your job, settle with your life and well, happy. If that is the case, my recommendation for a good car that is affordable ... to spell that car ah? Anyway that cute one from perodua. Or maybe you are aiming for BMW or something like that?

sehseh said...

Thanks Funn for your well wishes. Appreciate you humor :P

Yeah, Myvi is exactly what I have in mind. My friend Amanda got one and it's some comfy, extra spacious and most importantly: made for tall people. I don't like sedan because they're so so and it's a hassle getting in and out from the car without straining my back.

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