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Friday, November 25, 2005

TVB new releases

I have one good news and one bad news.

The good news:

Always Ready (AR) will be available for rental next week, probably around Tuesday or Wednesday. No more envious comment from me :)

p.s. The WAB cast are coming to KL today! Those going to Genting, enjoy the show! And please, please do kindly email me the pics (if you manage to take some pics and feel generous enough to share them with fans, regardless of Charmaine/Bowie/Gigi/Moses) at

The bad news:

This is both a bad news and a good news, sort of like how you see a half full glass or a half empty glass.

Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion (LWOLAP), which has been postponed gazillion times, will be aired in HK starting from 2nd January 2006. However, it was still unconfirmed and the time slot will be on 10.05pm. Yeap, 10pm. Tell me, what is a better way to kill the ratings for 40 episode martial arts series?

Is there a plot amidst TVB execs to sabotage Charmaine and Ray's TV career? Or they must need a brain check.

Anyway, I have to put my grudges for LWOLAP's news aside and think of AR for now...

By the way, I was reading the news update from and found out that ATV has announced it plans to invite Rain to star in their new series for a fee of HKD3 million. It sounds like a big amount but if let's say if it's a 30 episode series, he will earn roughly HKD100,000 per episode; which is less than what Dicky Cheung earned in Mainland China. Of course we can't compare them both as they were in different league but honestly, with Rain's popularity in HK right now, I'd say he deserved more. Not that ATV can't afford it...

Asianfanatics has quoted the headlines as Rain agreed to ATV proposals. However, up to date, neither Rain nor his company has agreed or comment on this news. In addition, Rain will have 2 albums coming out in 2006, plus his Asia tour and also a movie project in planning. I personally think he doesn't have a few months spare to film a series for ATV.

Though I would much prefer him to collaborate with TVB, I'd rather said no to both TVB and ATV. I think the reasons why are very apparent.

Some of you might know I'm currently watching Beneath the Charm and Memories of Bali. I realized that Sharon Chan and Ha Ji Won look so alike, they could be sisters. I had this sense of déjà vu while watching BTC until one scene of Sharon in hospital and I almost did a double take! But of course Sharon's face is chubbier. Apart from Maggie-Tavia, is there anymore celebs lookalike?

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Last but not least, I've added Charmaine pics during TVB anniversary to the link below. Courtesy of ent-magazine:


Funn Lim said...

Sehseh you're not going for this genting show? It is very expensive...

sehseh said...

I'm not going due to work reason. But it's okay.. hope someone took some clips.

But honestly, go to genting won't get any one-to-one meeting. Plus i did saw her one-to-one a few times... ;P

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