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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Terimee November 2006

I arrived around 12.40pm and I must thank Teng who waited for me at Times Square. While waiting for the even to start, I was persuaded to buy those slimming voucher (again!). But this time I'm really gonna use it as a reward when my diet end in December. Anyway got the newest Terimee booklet (woohoo!) and 2006 calender featuring none other than our gorgeous Charmaine (double woohoo!).

Charmaine appeared on time wearing the same clothes she wore at TVB lighting ceremony. Coupled with her long, permed hair, she's simply gorgeous! Ah that smile! The bright eyes!

Updates! Pics below belong to me. Please do not repost without prior permission.

I took some pictures of her but frankly it's not as clear as last time but later manage to get some clips. Also some wonderful pics thanks to her agent. Will post them up tomorrow or the day after. Tomorrow I might be too busy for updates since I expect to be laden with office documents tomorrow.

Updates: Must see, reasonable quality clips. Please give proper credits.

Video Clip 1 (Close encounter with Charmaine. Must see!)

Video Clip 2 (Another nice clip of Charmaine)

Audio Clip (Charmaine say, Vote for me!)

Audio Clip (Charmaine joking)

Here comes the most important part. What is her newest series and also some tidbits.

1. The host asked if she was 'single scoop' or 'double scoop' which of course she answered 'single' (as in still single, no bf).

2. She will be coming to Malaysia again later this month for WAB variety show at Genting. This is off topic but I'm afraid I have to cancel my plans going to Genting. I know, this sucks.

3. She will be filming a new series soon. When asked what type of series (eg. modern/costume/period), she said this series was quite special as it's a tale encompassing four era: Qing dynasty (costume), Man Chor (period), the 60's (modern) and current era (modern). She did mention the tentative title but it was very long and complicated. I only remember sometime like 'fire phoenix something'. In the last era (modern) she will be potraying a beer promoter. She hopes she'll be able to produce a breakthrough role this time around. Updates 8/11/2005: Thanks to Muka, who informed that the title is Phoenix Quartet《鳳凰四重奏》.

4. Her favorite series? WAB (very clever answer, after all WAB is currently airing on astro).

5. Newly added! TVB will be arranging her to sing the sub theme for DFOGS. :)

That is all for now. If I think up of anything new, will definitely post it up. If there is anyone who was there today, please do inform me if I missed any important infos.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Charmaine'll perform in a tale encompassing four era.
It's extremely exciting. Ha ha my dream comes true. Plus LWOLAP & Always Ready is going to air soon, what a good news. :D


Anonymous said...

thanks for all the wonderful updates, sehseh
i am so excited just waiting to hear more info about the new series :) :) :D :P


susan said...

erm.. i thought her new serie is the one with roger that she will be filming next... how come now have another serie... so which serie she is filming
nevertheless, i am glad to hear this news....
however, i am interested to know if she film this, what happened to the serie with roger...
i hope that she will film these 2 series...

sehseh said...

Perhaps this is the series Roger mentioned about since it's consider half modern as well.

so which serie she is filming

Common sense say of course what she told us lah. In front of like hundreds ppl...

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