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Saturday, November 12, 2005

'Swan Lake' theme earned Charmaine million dollar figure

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Recently, Charmaine took pics for A-Fontane advertisement. Because Charmaine brings good luck to A-Fontane company, the boss decided to renew the contract in just after two years and increased the fee to a seven figure sum (million). To repay the company's kindness, Charmaine did her best for the advertisement; from sleeping beauty to swan lake poses.

Charmine's shooting location was at a grand seaside mansion. Because it was her third year as A-Fontane's spokesperson, the advertisers decided to add something special to this advertisement and used a more 'elegant and grandeur' approach to it, therefore the grand mansion instead of the usual indoor studio.

The "Pillow King" Mr. Hui (A-Fontane's boss) personally 'borrowed' the mansion from affluent business man (President Luo something, sorry... to hard to translate) for the photography session. On that day, Charmaine worn 5 sets of wardrobe, from silk nightgown to evening dresses; giving a sexy, enchanting appeal.

Because one of the theme is "Swan Lake" bedsheet sets, Charmaine wore a tutus skirt and posed on the bed. Even though the short tutus was very stubborn and the poses required are very difficult, Charmaine professionally grants every request from the photographer. Seeing his favorite spokesperson working so hard, no wonder the boss specially brought mango pudding and red bean cakes for her.

Actually, Charmaine's contract with A-Fontane haven't expired yet but Mr. Hui has pledged to use her as their company spokesperson until she retires. Thus they extended her contract and Charmaine can be assured to earn a seven figure sum for the next two years.

In regard to her salary raise, Charmaine smillingly said; "Since I've became the spokesperson, I'm quite happy working with A-Fontane. It's not always about the money. Enjoyment while working together is always more important than money, but of course if there's a salary it'll be better. I'm thankful of their support, not by extending the contract but also the salary rise. I can't divulge the sum but I'm very happy with it." :)

Wearing a silk nightgown for this pose, Charmaine gave off a sexy appeal.

Charmaine wore tutus skirt for Swan Lake theme.

Charmaine poses on the bed wearing a red evening dress, giving an elegant appeal.

Mr Hui personally came to visit Charmaine on the set.

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