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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Scandals! Scandals!

I'm sure many of HK ent tabloid savvy people out there already heard about Joey Leung caught cheating with Queenie Chu (MHK 2004 2nd runner up). Poor Margaret. Perhaps she should 'ding' him out.

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Clip from and video link credit to gubgub360.

From the clip, look like it more than just kiss. Heavy duty make-out session, if you asked me. Wonder they need oxigen tank?

Anyway, the newest update is that Margaret has forgiven Joey (I wonder why, as it was rumored not to be the first time he cheated). Joey and Queenie has been 'frozen' (aka suspended indefinitely) by TVB. News is that TVB will be lenient with Joey and let him continue to be on of TVB anniversary host as he has made a public apology. For Queenie, in the freezer she goes as she insisted she only knew Joey has a gf after their lip locking session. Frankly, I'm not the least angry at Queenie. If there is anything of her fault, that is being too stupid to fall into this mess. Seriously I think she knew Joey had a gf, but like any inexperienced newbie in showbiz, she think Joey will eventually dump Margaret for her. Just my assumption.

By the way, I doubt TVB will really let Joey to be the host not because they're fair (there are accussations of TVB being double standard in their punishment), but because they won't want this scandal to cloud the anniversary show.

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