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Monday, November 14, 2005


Angry. Upset. Disappointed.

I can't describe my feelings.

Go here:

and then here:

Get what I mean? Imagine slaving behind the pc typing the review and then blatantly stolen and claimed as "Cxxxxxx" work. I'm mega insulted!



Anonymous said...

I recognize your style. You almost always put a quote atop the character reviews. You did the same thing with War and Beauty. Can you contact this Cxxxx person?


sehseh said...

Sadly, I do not have her email. However, I already emailed the webmistress hoping she'll do the right thing.

"reviewed by Christy"

READ THAT!?! Reviewed? She just added like one line into my review when 99% of it are my (hard) work!

I'm so insulted, I expect nothing less than an apology from her (Christy). Typing her name make me more sakit hati, since she already got the attention using my work.


If I see anyone using my WAB review (which I consider the queens of all my review since I spent so much time doing background research etc), bloods will be spilled.

Funn Lim said...

Sehseh, the most important thing now is to email TVB Square, get them to remove the review and report the culprit to this tvbsquare. That's the way it goes. I am very surprised even now got such blatant plagarism.

EMail tvbsquare and tell them to remove the review AT ONCE OR ELSE...

tvbsquare said...

oh my god! sheshe! I am sorry I didn't overview this. Cxxxx sent me the review and said it was writting by her. I will put your name back!!!!

Anonymous said...

Justice is done! I would love to see that look on her face when she sees your name there. Irritable person that she is. Kurang ajar lar...LOL

I agree with you that your War and Beauty one is a really great review. I especially love it that you took the time to insert the names of celebrities that like WAB. I didn't really go through the background details or anything but I can see that you put a lot of hardwork into it.


alice said...

she must really have the guts to do that huh?? lucky tvb straighten it out!! that girl grrrrr..

sehseh said...

Thank you all for your support.

And thank you to tvbsquare for straightening up this matter.

Now, it's time to leave this 'incident' behind us :)

susan said...

sehseh, i like reading your review and as i often go to TVB square to read it than spcnet, can u please consider to send your reviews to TVB Square as well... Thank You!

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