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Friday, November 11, 2005

Not so charming above or underneath


I've watched up to episode 18 of Beneath the Charm, and honestly, for the previous four episodes I have fast forwarded 50% of them. All along I keep denying, telling myself that I should be patient but darn I'm using my hard earned money to rent them. Fast forwarding them make me feel guilty. I feel so cheated!!!

Some might have known I have trashed Blade Heart and Twins of Brother (Ron-you-know-who scenes), but never have I fast forwaded so much as in BTC.

No offense to fans, but I'm frustrated with Ming Wai (Gigi), Yau Yip (Moses), the Aunt (Kiki), and Hiu Ching (Sharon). Thank goodness the lattest is off screen for the moment.

You might disagree with me, but I'm put off with their acting. Very fake! It's like OTT acting. You know, the angsty, opera-ish type of acting? I can't feel anything for them. Instead, I only watched Yoyo's and Chan Hung Lit's scenes. Which is strange as:

1. I've always disliked Yoyo's acting.
2. Mr. Chan's heavy accent may be headache inducing.

Should I stop watching? Or should I continue since I've spent my money on nearly 2/3 of the whole series?



Anonymous said...

Have no chance to watch BTC yet.
My updatest series is Yummy Yummy.

However I think you should stop watching.

So you can save time and money for LWOLAP and Always Ready. He He :P


Yinfun said...

i've watched BTC up to episode 14..and i must agree with u...
with such a casts, it's not living up to my expectations..
the only reason im still watching? idea..
guess it's still better than studying..
not to mention, i dled them

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is range here. I think you should stop watching too :). Make good use of the 2 quarter by analyzing the scenes and acting. Maybe u can cook up a great review!

sehseh said...

I've decided to continue watching since it's just a week away from Always Ready.

Pray for me people, pray.

p.s. If I ever write a review, that most probably mean it's either very good or terrible. Expect some heavy trashing from me.

Anonymous said...

Stop Watching it sehshe, that is what I have been doing for 10 of TVB latest series. BTW, it is me, Terry :P

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