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Saturday, November 12, 2005

No LWOLAP again!

I'm so freakin' mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kitson has informed that TVB has postponed LWOLAP schedule and replaced it with Herbalist Manual because ATV is airing Michelle's series as well in November!

For the sake of fighting ATV's rating? Honestly, how far can it goes? And also for Michelle who has formally departed from TVB?! With her (none existent) acting skills?

p.s. Regarding the informal news of Raymond, Sonija, Myolie and Ron coming to Malaysia next month to promote TVB, if they decided to postpone LWOLAP overseas release as well, I think Ray and Sonija will not be coming.


alice said...

GRGRGRRRRRRRRRRRRR dun worry seh seh i am VERY EXTREMELY MAD TOO!! man tvb really is competitive huh??..GRRRRRRR for the sake of rating WATEVER!! man i can't wait that long NO MORE!!!

Funn Lim said...

What ATV competition? Maybe the series isn't that good, that's why they're postponing it?

But overseas fans can still rent it right? Some series were never broadcast in HK but we get to rent them, right?

Helen said...

I am really disappointed too! I don't think for hit series TVB will release it overseas until it airs in HK. This means we have to wait longer. TVB's strategy is really weird. Why help promote Michelle Ye when she is on the other channel. People watching TVB will be reminded about Michelle and may then be reminded to watch her ATV series. I think they need someone who konws marketing.

BUT think on the bright side, this will be better to Charmaine. If LWOLAP airs later, then she will have a better chance to get one more award. Airing 2 of her series at the same time is just a waste of Charm's talent.

sehseh said...

TVB's purpose is to go against ATV. This has always been a tradition, to air series with the same main lead.

I dunno about overseas release. If they decided to cancel overseas release as well, that's mean Raymond and Sonija won't be coming to our shores next month.

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