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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Minor updates

Alright, before you guys are bored to death with my non-existent updates over these few days (it's a one week major holiday here, so I won't be online as much as usual), here's some tiny updates on my two fav celebs, Charmaine and Rain:

On Charmaine:
She's currently back in Hong Kong. Last night she attended Joey's concert and I'm a bit concerned as she's still as thin as ever. What happened to gaining some weight again?! Anyway, she'll be heading to Malaysia on the 4th till the 6th November. After that she will prepare for her new modern series (title unconfirmed) with Roger Kwok and Joe Ma. TVB 38th Anniversary celebration is arriving on 19th November so do expect some juicy gossips of what the fadans are wearing etc. Moving on to the end of the month, if the rumors are true, she will have 2 series aired in HK. One is "Always Ready" and another is "LWOLAP". But seriously, what is TVB thinking? Trying to ruin her career by airing her series in low season and also terrible time slot?

On Rain:
His new series; "This Damned Love" have started to air in Seoul and the response is very good. KBS decides to cash in his popularity and will soon be airing a special program aptly named "Why Rain Creates Feverish Excitement" which will be divided into four segments. According to KBS, Time magazine will be mentioning Rain in their upcoming issue as well. Found an interesting article in which contained tidbits of him by his translator in HK, Wendy:

1. Rain dyed his hair blue for his HK concert. If he didn't say this nobody would probably know. It really does look black more than bluish-black...

2. He is super-cute, and has a tendency to act coy in front of elders (Will coyly remark that his hair is actually blue).

3. He'll usually address Wendy as "auntie", but when he needs a favour from her, he'll use "sister" instead .

4. While living at the hotel, he'll answer the door even he is he still brushing his teeth (brush sticking out of his mouth and everything...) And he takes about 15 minutes to brush his teeth.

5. He's crazy about sweet stuff. (No wonder he needs 15 minutes to brush his teeth.)

6. His dad is a great dancer (like father like son).

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