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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ekin, Bowie "Always Ready" to the rescue

While waiting for my translation, here's a piece of bad news for overseas fans. I've checked my rental store next weeks's schedule and Always Ready is nowhere in sight. I was told the next series released will be after Beneath the Charm ends and it'll most probably be Liza and Myolie's new series abt lawyers. Therefore, there's a 50-50 chance that Msian fans won't get to watch AR for some time.

In every series, there is always rumors. Are the rumors true, or they're just promotional tools? The answer: Rumors are better than getting no news at all. Not long ago the rumors of Ekin and Gigi's split was hotly debated, with the headlines quoting Linda Chung, the co-stars in AR as the '3rd party'. TVB decides to strike the iron while it's hot and released AR.

After six years since his last TVB series, Ekin decides to take part in GFS themed series as TVB has filmed various uniformed series (cop, firemam, custom) but never the GFS.


Ko Ho Fung Matthew (Ekin Cheng), Aircrewman Officer II of the Government Flying Service (GFS), and Yip Ching Wan Benjamin (Bowie Lam), Pilot I, frequently work together. While Benjamin flies an aircraft, Matthew rescues people. Matthew and Benjamin are appointed to train Aircrewman Officer III Sze Chor Kei Sandra (Linda Chung) and Cadet Pilot Chiang Ka Nok Kelvin (Lai Lok Yi), both are locally trained fresh graduates, respectively.

Sandra and Kelvin face tough training, as well as challenges from family and love affairs. Can these two inexperienced young persons bite their lips and survive the training?

Torn between two man

In the face of challenges, experienced people like Matthew and Benjamin can also reveal their weakness. Matthew's girlfriend Hong Yau Lam Carrie (Charmaine Sheh) loses her memory. Although she accepts him again, his enthusiasm in helping others makes her feel abandoned. She seeks comfort from Benjamin instead.

GFS staff are always ready to dive into the water and climb up mountains to save lives. How do they tackle their own challenges?

Cast list:
Ekin Cheng as Matthew Ko
Bowie Lam as Benjamin Yip
Charmaine Sheh as Carrie Hong
Linda Chung as Sandra Sze
Chris Lai as Kelvin Chiang
Shirley Yeung as Nikki Chow

The cast look dashing in their GFS uniform.

Matt in action.

Carrie and Matt relationship are full of setbacks.

Matt trying to rescue the unconscious Ben.

Nikki; who became paralysed after an accident during childhood, built a strong friendship with Kelvin.

Ben is always calm and collected.

Sandra lacks self confidence and also makes mistake.

Ben as a loving father.

Ben and colleague alight from the helicopter in style.

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