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Friday, November 04, 2005

Confirmation of series

It's confirmed. Charmaine will have two series released after TVB anniversary series.

《随时候命》Always Ready: 21/11/2005, 10.05pm

《覆雨翻云》Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion: 28/11/2005, 8.00pm

With the time slot of 10.05pm, I can almost predict that the ratings for Always Ready might not even reach 30 points.

Here's the newest DFOGS mag scans credit to Translation will be up on Sunday.

Updates 6/11/2005: (translation)

I'll be brief in my translation. The first page mentioned about Gigi filming an explosion scene in DFOGS. Gigi's character and her brother was out buying some wedding dowry when the harbour suddenly exploded. The culprit was Moses, who harbored deep hatred for Bowie. Gigi is Bowie's bride-to-be.

The second page also mention fire scenes. In this series, Charmaine is the maid of Gigi. They happen to get married on the same day and on their way to the wedding, they were kidnapped by the bandits. They manage to escape after the hut was set on fire. Escaping the fire, the two girls ran into the sand storm and got lost in the desert.

Gai Ming Fung (Gigi) came from a wealth known family. Because her father was ill and her brother desperately need money for the medical bills, they have no choice but to marry her off to Yim Man Hei (Bowie). Which such status, Gigi's wedding entourage was grand with sedan and large entourage.

Ka Chun Fen (Charmaine) on the other hand came from a poor family and she is marrying Sung Tung Yeung (Kenny). As her family cannot afford much, she was send off on a donkey.

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