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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Charmaine's interview with Joe Ma

Holiday in Hawaii: Charmaine escaped TVB anniversary rumors

Yesterday Charmaine has a radio interview with Joe Ma. When they talked about the fighting for the Best Actress Award, Charmaine laughed that she's lucky to avoid the rumors as she was back in Hawaii for the last two weeks. Joe Ma said that he didn't expect to win as Roger Kwok is the hot favorite for Best Actor. Charmaine has confirmed that she will attend TVB anniversary this Saturday.

When asked who will most likely to win the awards, Charmaine said Liza and Roger. Joe then jested Charmaine has good sight, since the latest reports show that Liza and Roger odds of winning are high. Since Charmaine is attending TVB anniversary just to show support, what does she plan to wear? Charmaine replied that she's unsure as she has yet have the time to try on the dresses.

Joe jokingly asked whether she will wear Hawaiian costume to the annivesary celebration. Charmaine said they only have grass skirt. Joe then teasingly suggest Charmaine to match it with coconut bra top. Charmaine joked that she will consider wearing them next year.


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Funn Lim said...

Poor Charmaine. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. How many times already?

sehseh said...

Her time will come. As a matter of fact, she's the youngest in top fadan group. The rest are already in their thirties.

Plus, compared to her, there's a lot TVB actress who became spinsters even before having a chance at the award.

sehseh said...

p.s. I believe not many of the fadans has been nominated and getting huge publicity in their career before their age of 30 as Charmaine did.

Either that or I haven't pay much attention to them all these years. Probaly due to lack of publicity.

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