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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Charmaine the Gemini

My translation of the interview below. Excuse me if there was any unintentional mistakes. Please do not re-post without giving proper credits.

Behind the legend of Gemini was a beautiful story related which ended with a ten year long Trojan war. Charmaine Sheh, ex-MHK with both beauty and brains, was also a Gemini. However, she doesn't want a beautiful tale with ends in war. After entering showbiz for years, she has learned to let thing pass and only look forward to have a happy family.

It is widely known that a Gemini has dual personality; quiet but active, their appearance makes an event livelier. Perhaps it was due to tiredness, Charmaine looked reserved and quite today. "I don't really know much about horoscope, but I think I am a Gemini type. When I'm feeling reserved I will stay home and put together a 3000 piece puzzle, or even go fishing. Sometimes I feel like going out to disco or throw parties. I tend to be melancholic, but I'll bounce back soon enough." It seems that this pretty lady's temperament was like HK's weather: Unpredictable.

Putting an end to rivalry
In new series 'Always Ready', Charmaine played a stubborn character that tend to be pessimistic, those that will leave straightaway if she was unable to achieve her goal. In real life, Charmaine was not stubborn at all. She refused to get involved in the recent TVB anniversary awards 'rivalry'. "Two, three years ago I was lost in the rivalry and I can't recognise myself. The rivalry was intense, causing a lot of tension and unhappiness to myself." But as one matures; whatever the matter is, it will pass! "Had I understand this earlier, perhaps I could have self-console and be less unhappy!" After entering the showbiz, she met many different kind of people, which is both good and bad. Now, she has learned how to avoid falling, or rather not feeling painful whenever she falls. Charmaine spoke the latter part with determination.

The mighty Mama Sheh
During the interview, the journalist asked Charmaine to take part in a psychology test. The result shows that Charmaine is courageous and strong willed person. Charmaine said that she inherits these traits from her "Super Strong, Super Mighty" mother. Charmaine doesn't mind mentioning her family background: Her father passed away in a traffic accident when she was 5 years old and her mother has to support the family all by herself.

"When dad passed away, my mum was pregnant with my little brother. In my opinion, that was the most miserable thing that could happen to a woman. However, my mum persisted through and handled everything by herself. When I was in primary 3, she asked me "Do you want a new daddy?" I was still young back then and said 'no'. My mum never asked me why and she never dated anymore. Until I reached high school, I began thinking that a woman needs a man to rely on. So I told her: "Why don't you go out and date?" After a few years, she start dating again and now she's happily married."

Perfect family
With her mum finding happiness once again, when will it be Charmaine's turn? Charmaine replied: "I feel that getting married is sort of like an impulse, you can't really predict when. Personally, I would like to know 'when' I will get the impulse to marry. To date, I haven't found a suitable match yet." Even though her mother took good care of them, due to her father passing away so early, Charmaine couldn't help missing a 'perfect family'. "I love children, so I must have my own kids. Even though getting married and having children are not necessarily related, but I really hope to own a perfect family; the ability to have breakfast together every morning is so wonderful."

Speaking of her dreams in having a perfect family, Charmaine begin divulge her wedding fantasy. "My wedding has to be special and unique, everyone has to be merry. I think… I will wear a kua (chinese wedding costume). I filmed so many costume series so I knew how to dress beautifully in costumes. I look nice in red :)

Lucky me
During MHK 1997, Charmaine was never the hot favorite to win. When she won the 2nd runner up, the first person she thanked was of course her mum who nominated her. "My mum knew that I was carefree person who like to enjoy life, a totally different person from the quiet person I am today! (No, just joking. Haha!) At that time, I just graduate from Hotel Management in Switzerland and I was unable to find a job. I was a bit picky and refused to work if it wasn't 5 star hotel so I was thinking 'let's just wait and see until next year'. Then the TV starts broadcasting the song for MHK.

It is because of this MHK song, Charmaine started her smooth career in showbiz. Compared to fellow MHK 1997 contestants, Charmaine indeed has been extremely lucky. Charmaine admits: "Yes, I felt very fortunate as others might have to wait a long time for such opportunities I had. Instead of arranging everything by myself, someone is always there to help me arrange my career plans."

Perhaps true happiness lies in the ability to admit it.

p.s. I have posted the 'WAB in Genting' updates below. However, I'm saddened to hear that some fans got over-fanatical during the handshaking session and pulled at Charmaine's hair. She got pretty shaken and hopefully this won't leave a bad image as she still manage to joke about it.

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