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Monday, November 28, 2005

Brief updates

Update 1: Always Ready trailers. Special thanks to koecharmaine for converting the dl links.

Short trailer

Long trailer

Theme video

Update 2: TVB Artistes in Malaysia: Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Myolie Wu & Sonija Kwok

(Fri) 2/12/2005: 7.30pm at Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.

(Sat) 3/12/2005: 5.30pm at Ipoh Parade, Ipoh.

(Sun) 4/12/2005: 4.30pm at Alfresco Area, Gurney Plaza (Penang).

They will be staying in J.W. Marriott (KL) and The Northam (Penang) respectively. Stalk them if you wish but please be aware it's 5 star hotel so if you want to embarass yourself, I'd say go ahead. Just joking.

p.s. There will be a live radio interview at FM98.8, 9am on 3/12/05. Thanks to Poh Chin for informing me :) By the way, which radio station is the official radio station? MyFM or 98.8? Because in Ray's forum, updates seem to come from MyFM but PC informed me of the 98.8 interview (which puzzled me as the official radio station always get exclusive interviews)... I will check out the official poster at my rental store again, just to be sure.

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