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Monday, November 21, 2005

Bowie not optimistic of AR ratings

Yesterday, the AR cast attended another event to promote their series. Ekin who was feeling unwell did not attend TVB anniversary celebration but he did watched it at home. He feels that Nikki's winning the most improved female award was the most touching moment.

When asked whether they have confidence in gaining good ratings since it will be aired during the 10pm slot, Ekin and Charmaine both expressed confidence. However, Bowie added that though the plotline of AR is very exciting, a lot of HK audience doesn't stay up that late to watch TV anymore. Therefore, he's not too optimistic in getting high ratings.

The reporters have noticed that Charmaine gained some weight and she said she have gained a few pounds after her break in Hawaii.


Group pic

Ekin in action

Ekin & Bowie doing a demo

p.s. I have updated the post below by translating the official summary. I will add the characters translation later on. Plus, I edited the relationship chart and translated some bits to english.

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