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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Always Ready: Revival of Ekin's career?

Partnering with TVB Yat Kor (Big brother) and Yat Jie (Big sister)
Six years has passed since Ekin filmed TVB series, which was ’99 “Sheung min yi yan”. In AR, TVB even partnered him with their top siu sang and fadan; Bowie and Charmaine. Their relationship in the series then turns into quadruple when Ekin’s rumored girlfriend Linda Chung joined in.

Being the 3rd party
In the series, Linda portrayed Sandra, a trainee under Ekin’s tutelage. She then fell in love with Ekin and became the 3rd party in his relationship with Charmaine. Rumors are that Linda has really become the 3rd party in real life. The tabloid even has pictures of them looking very intimate together. Even though it was later proven that the pictures were taken during filming AR, but the duo flirty attitude during filming raised suspicion among the filming crew. Gigi Leung (Ekin’s real gf) laughed off Ekin’s rumor and said she would even record the series if she’s too busy to watch it on TV.

Stormriders (Wind & Cloud) are back?!
In AR, Bowie’s character begin from being Ekin’s best partner to his love rival. It’s no coincidence that Bowie’s name in AR is Yip Ching Wan (Cloud) while Ekin’s Koh Ho Fung (Wind), adding up to Wind and Cloud (Stormriders – Ekin and Aaron hit movie in the late 90’s). Perhaps Ekin hopes to repeat the same success again?

Charmaine Sheh loses her memory
Matthew Koh (Ekin) and Benjamin (Bowie) are both HK GFS pilot and aircrewman respectively. While Matt does the rescuing, Ben pilots the helicopter. GFS new batch of trainees; Sandra (Linda) and Kelvin (Chris) livens up the GFS.

Matt and Ben’s close relationship were put into test when volunteer doctor; Matt’s girlfriend Carrie (Charmaine) lost her memory after getting involved in an accident. Carrie resents the fact that Matt places his work above her and they broke up. Carrie later dates his best buddy Ben, and the love and hate relationship eventually cause the GFS to deteriorate.

With the presence of top siu sang and fadan, it seems that TVB wished to create a successful break for Ekin.

Charmaine Sheh loses her memory: Ekin and Charmaine got to knew each other because of their job, but Charmaine resents Ekin’s over commitment to his job.

Charmaine is GFS volunteer doctor; saving countless lives.

Despite Ekin’s caring attention after losing her memory, Charmaine went into the arms of his best friend Bowie and caused a crack in their friendship.


Funn Lim said...

Ekin's career was dead meh? Wahhh didn't know..thought he was just taking a looooooooooooong vacation.

(In case you wonder, I was being sarcastic)

Wonder how he feels now after seeing old flame, Maggie Siu looking so much more fabulous than his current "CHAN" flame?

sehseh said...

I won't say it's dead, but like half "sei ha, sei ha". After Stormriders and his scandals with Gigi Leung, his movie career started to slump.

Franklly, I think he doesn't feel anything of Maggie's new look (or bodyline). He moved on pretty fine, IMO.

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