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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Always Ready premiere news

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Charmaine, who came back after a long holiday in Hawaii, was asked by reporters to comment on this year anniversary awards. Charmaine herself only have one series aired this year and based on the ratings, her chances of winning the Best Actress award will be very slim. However, she kept an open mind and look forward in just participating in the anniversary celebration. When asked to comment on the Kenix-Liza dispute, Charmaine said she didn't pay attention to it but she knew that competition was fierce.

The reporters highlight a HK tabloid report that Kenix tearfully complained that she would lose because the award are 'fixed'. Bringing up last year's competition between Charmaine and Gigi for WAB, does Charmaine agree that TVB awards are 'fixed'? "I didn't read the news. Actually, being listed in the top 10 doesn't represent anything, what matters is that everyone tend to be nervous and stressful whenever anniversary award approaches. Everybody would like to win an award, but since the awards are limited, so even if you don't win, you should take the opportunity to learn from the winners. I look forward supporting Kenix, Liza and Gigi winning."

In regard to her new series "Always Ready" being aired in the 10.00pm slot, will ratings be affected? Charmaine confidently replied: "It's okay, as long as the series is interesting, the time slot will not affect the rating." Will you be worried that the audience will forget this series by next year since it was aired just right after anniversary series? "It'll be better if the series could be aired near anniversary (next year), but if the ratings turn out to be good, I'm sure the audiences will still remember this series."

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