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Monday, November 21, 2005

Always Ready official site

Always Ready official site is up:

(p.s. I'm having a meeting later so I don't have the time to translate yet. I will post the translation this weekend or Monday as I bet on Sunday there will be tons of update due to TVB 38th Anniversary.)

Summary: Updated 21/11/2005
Government Flight Service (GFS) is one of HK SAR’s seven discipline organization which has the least members, yet covers the largest range of service. The GFS corps continuously uphold the “Semper Peratus” spirit (meaning always ready), saving countless lives and dangerous environment.

Aircrewman Officer I; Matt, is an optimistic and energetic person. Together with Ben, the solemn Pilot I, they were not only the best partners in work, but also the top instructors in training the next generation of GFS members.

In the new batch of trainees, Matt is responsible for training the Aircrewman Officer II; Sandra. During the training, Matt repeatedly tests Sandra, causing her to misunderstand that Matt was discriminatory towards her.

Matt found out that Sandra’s recluse personality was due to her broken family. Thereafter Matt tries his best to help Sandra overcome her fears and their misunderstanding soon dissolved. She builds trust with Matt and other GFS members.

On the other hand, Ben is responsible for training Pilot II, Kelvin who came from a wealthy family. From his experience, Ben knew that pilots must have stable mental health at all time. Unfortunately, Kelvin’s life has been too smooth and if he ever faced obstacles, he is most likely unable to withstand it. Before long, Kelvin’s family met difficulty and he created an accident while piloting the helicopter. Luckily, communication officer Nikki steps out and helped Kelvin regained his self confidence.

Actually Nikki was secretly in love with Ben, but all along he only sees her as a little sister and straightforwardly rejected her. At the same time Kelvin’s advances were rejected by Sandra, thus the two brokenhearted comforts each other and became close friends. As time passed, they began to have feelings for each other but hid it as they were afraid of being rejected again. Later, Nikki helped Kelvin went through his family’s difficult time and they finally began dating…

Matt’s girlfriend Carrie was originally an ER doctor. Due to an accident, she fell into a coma. When she finally regained consciousness, she has lost her memories of Matt. Matt persisted in their relationship and tries to help Carrie regain her memory, even influencing her to volunteer at GFS.

Unfortunately Carrie finally remembers that she was on her way to break up with Matt when she was involved in traffic accident. Even though Carrie made up her mind to give their relationship a new start, she realized that Matt has gone back to his old ways of helping other people over passionately, causing Sandra to fall for him. Carrie tries to remind Matt but he never takes her advice seriously. Disappointed, Carrie finally broke up with Matt.

During a rescue operation, a victim falsely accused Carrie and Ben of medical misconduct, but luckily they both managed to clear their names. Having experienced hardship together, Carrie and Ben’s relationship took a great leap forward. After working together over a period of time, they both developed feelings for each other. However, their relationship carries a heavy emotional baggage due to Matt.

At this time, during an operation, Ben met an accident and caused the GFS to face public pressure. Matt joins Ben to overcome the difficulties and inspired the GFS to rise again…

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~ Character translation in progress ~

For character introduction, go to:

Here's the official pics from the site. What? Like 3-4 pics with Charmaine in it only! I protest!!!
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