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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sparkling on Ice fashion show

Yay! A holiday for Charmaine!

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Yesterday, Charmaine Sheh joined other celebrities such as Carlo Ng to a fashion show called "Sparkling On Ice" at the West Kowloon skating arena. Having always been busy with work and filming 90 episodes, Charmaine has decided to take some time off from filming and go to Hawaii for a vacation. When asked if Charmaine will spend time seeking for love, Charmaine smiles and says that it all depends on fate.

Charmaine will be spending time with her mother in Hawaii for the time being. Charmaine says, "I've gotten quite thin due to nonstop filming series, one after another. This time I hope to gain some weight during my vacation." Charmaine jokes, "I am worried that once I return to Hong Kong, people would not recognize me." In contrast, Charmaine talks about planning to swim while in Hawaii.

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Additional translation by Muka:

The news says Charmaine is taking a month-long vacation in Hawaii, where her mom lives right now. "I haven't had a vacation for a few years, this one will be a month long, I had asked for it before filming Dancing Flame."

Charmaine plans to do a lot of shopping, swimming, and scubba diving in hawaii. When asked if she has ever swam naked, Charmaine said "in 1993, when we lived on a tiny island, I swam naked because no one lived there. But now we have moved back to the city, so I won't do that anymore! But I will still wear bikini".

Charmaine says her mom complained about her being too skinny, so mom is gonna cook a lot of food to make Charmaine fat. "Maybe you won't recognize me anymore when I come back for TVB anniversary." also charmaine says she doesnt plan to marry in secret during a vacation like Sun Yan Zi (singer) was rumored to have done.

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Also, some mag scans of DFOGS. Translation will be up later. Credit to

Poor Charmaine (in the mag above)! But I'm really glad she can have her long vacation. She's been wishing to take a break for like a few years already. No kidding here. If I'm not mistaken, the only holiday she have these years was just a few day off, less than a week at max.

I guess we'll see her in November during TVB anniversary and also her show in Genting, Malaysia. Yes, I'm going, but so far I haven't convinced my sister to go with me. See, she's a little unwilling to fork out RM150 for that show (since she's not interested in any artistes in WAB cast). Aiks... me still a newbie in salary earning lah... need showing to halve the cost with me. But worst come worst... maybe have to spend her...

Anyway, back to Charmaine. If the calculation is correct, the chances of her new series with Roger and Joe being filmed is very high. Roger had said that it will be filmed in November, which coincide with the time Charmaine return from her holiday. Definitely looking forward for more info on this.

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