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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Rain: Take care, don't catch a cold!

Rain left a mesg at his official site for fans. Credit to for translation.

[2005.10.17] How are you, my Cloud Family members!

I am Jeong Jihun to be back. Guess what, this is the second greetings since we opened our community.^^

Dear fans! Do you like this new community?

I’d like to request you to make it a better space for us alone by decorating more pretty.

These days, it has been cold in the morning and evening; I hope you haven’t caught a cold

I have been safely back from Hong Kong concert, all thanks to the cheers of you Cloud members. Now I am dedicated to the shooting of a drama. (I’d like to be sure you will be enjoying it!)

As I said at the opening, I much wish our community to be a place where you can take much joy and happiness.^^

I heard somewhere that some of you Cloud members were worried about me not being able to eat enough because of the drama.

I am now eating enough and working out enough that you don’t have to be worried at all.^^

I feel deep countless thanks for your continuous support and care for me.

Guess what, I am Jeong Jihun, the Rain in the Cloud, aren’t I?^^

Now in a week, there is a China concert waiting.

I am in a suspense and tremor at the corner of bosom, but I will put many efforts in there before my coming back here, upon you Cloud’s honor and pride!

Be careful not to catch a cold in colder and colder weather; health is still the most important!

I will be greeting you again after China concert! Till then, take care!

Written by your Gang Bokgu

I know, the translation sound a bit weird but we really have to appreciate these fans who took the effort to translate and post those updates. Speaking from experience here ;)

Plus, I've also found some "This Damned Love" pics from sexy-bi as well. Ah.. really envy Shin Mina! Enjoy the pics.

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