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Monday, October 17, 2005

Rain: 2006 Asia Tour

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The president of Rain’s relevant company JYP said, “At around the end of this year, Rain’s plan in 2006 is to be completed.” And he added, “Next year as well as this year, we are planning on the tour concerts at various places of Asia.

In the coming year, we are going to have Rain on tours at 15 cities in 10 countries, and to include LA and New York where many Asians are crowded in America as well.”

Next year tours concentrate particularly on the China market. This year one is only one-time Beijing concert on coming 22nd day of October. But next year tours include the 4 concerts at 4 provinces in China.

And included on the next year tour schedule are the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, etc., which were excluded from this year’s tour spots.

I'm so happy to hear that Malaysia is included in the tour! Now I need to set aside some cash. By the way, Rain will also be releasing a new album next year. Go Rain!

Here's some screencaps from a recent promotional clip for "This Damned Love". With the expression on their faces so serene, you'll never know that it's actually freezing there. Off camera, the leads will quickly put on their thick coats. Credits to

Even with a runny nose, Rain still looked so adorable!

By the way, I've added an article of Rain below. Take time to read it as it gives us more insight into his world.

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