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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Perhaps. Love

Anyone looking forward to this movie? Apparently this movie has kicked out Sammi Cheng's "Everlasting Regret" and Jacky Chan's "The Myth" to represent Hong Kong/China in next year's academy award (Oscar) for Best Foreign Film. I'm glad that 'Big Brother' movie won't represent China, as it was horrible in terms of acting and special effects. Haven't saw "Everlasting" yet but my sis said it was panned by the critics. Oh well...

Hmm... I definitely like the cast in here: Jacky Cheung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Ji Jin Hee and Zhou Xun. In case you don't know who are the latter two, Zhou Xun played Wong Yung in China's version of Legend of the Condor Heroes. She's also a multi award winning actress. And for those familiar with korean series, Ji Jin Hee will need no introduction as the dashing Ming Zhen Hao in Jewel in the Palace.

Because there will be singing and dancing in the movie, it has been dubbed as the asian version of 'Chicago' or 'Hollywood'. In reality, director Peter Chan said there's only 20 minutes of singing. The rest still like a regular movie. He even declined invitations to five international film festivals. His reasoning: Perhaps Love is not an art movie, hence there was no need to attend film festivals to promote it. A little too confident if you ask me.


Funn Lim said...

Many and I think Sammi didn't understand why her movie did badly. I have a reason. Maybe for once someone should just tell her she can't act?

I am curious why the dir refused to showcase the movie in festivals? Scared of too much exposure?

I also cannot understand how on earth anyone could ever suggest The Myth to represent HK in the Oscars? You wanna bet...

Perhaps Love will not be nominated. It is too convulated in its cast if you ask me. The Promise also won't get nominated. Typhoon also maybe not. Malaysia's own Puteri Gunung Ledang was last year or this year? Also won't be considered. We are still not there yet compared to Majid Majidi's movies or some kind like that.

BUT those movies I named will make money of course.

sehseh said...

I don't know whether this movie will be nominated in Oscar but it is HK official entry for the Oscar best foreign film award.

I'm never a fan of Sammi and I agree: she's just not cut out for acting. She can't make me feel anything for her character. Miriam Yeung, for example is not very good in the acting department but she has this kind of charm that make audiences connect to her (or maybe it's just me). I'm actually surprised "Everlasting" was not even nominated for Golden Horse award, though. Not that I look forward for her to be nominated in Best Actress category.

The Myth? It's so called child of 'big brother'. The HKers must give face what. lol...

I think our own PGL is not good enough. We have potential directors/storyline in Msia, but we're just not 'there' yet.

Funn Lim said...

I agree with you about Miriam Yeung. I do think she has improved a lot and somehow this girl got charm. I enjoyed her CNY movie with Tony Leung and Ronald Cheng (another very good comedien and singer). Can't remember the title though. But I have friends who are die hard sammi cheng fan. The only movie I liked her in it is probably Wu Yen.

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