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Monday, October 24, 2005

Innocent Steps

Starring: Moon Geun-yeong (My Little Bride) & Park Geon-hyeong (Miss Kim's Million Dollar Quest)

Synopsis (from The Star):

A young girl from China makes the trip to Seoul to attend a national sports dancing championship as a substitute for her dancing-queen sister. Entering South Korea on her sister's passport, she teams up with the nation's leading dance instructor Na Young-sae (Park Geon-hyeong) who's making a comeback after a long layoff. Problem is, she's a naive teen who has zero experience on the dance floor, and the competition is only three months away.

Official site: (plenty of clips and images)

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This scene seems familiar...

I originally wanted to watch this movie tonight, but my sis refused to watch with me. You know what? I'm going to dump her and go to the movies tomorrow by myself. Hmphh!

Two reasons why I want to watch this movie so much:

1. Moon Geum-Yong - You can never hate this cute pie! Not exactly the prettiest thing out there, but very charming on-screen.

2. Reading the review, it sort of remind me of one of my fav movie, Dirty Dancing (thinking back, the lines and acting were really cheesy). Plus having a good looking guy like PGH doesn't hurt...


p.s. The 2nd pic is my current wp. The pose is so cute!


alice said...

yea seh seh...i had seen this movie!! and OMG!! its soo kute!! first the male dancer didn't appear to be handsome....but when he started to dance....O.O what a GUY!! hehe

sehseh said...

Never knew he could dance as he was like a log in "Miss Kim Million Dollar Quest".

But he was good looking without glasses.

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