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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Charmaine's night out

Okay, yesterday blogger was down due to maintainence therefore I was unable to post this up. Anyway, this is a summary from the article which reportedly said Charmaine had a wild night. Don't take this article too seriously. A girl gotta have some fun sometimes...

Venue: "Button" - this is a bar in WanChai popular among TVB artistes because it offers them VIP room and privacy from reporters.
Time: 27/9/2005, 9 pm

It was the "Button" owner's (Carl) bday and a lot of ppl from entertainment circle was invited i.e. Joe Ma, Derek Kwok etc. That night, the rest of TVB artiste stayed inside the VIP room while Charmaine went out in the public lounge to mingle with other guests. The reporters said that Charmaine enjoyed playing hand guessing game (15-20; where if you lose you'll have to drink) and even beat a lot of guys in the game. It also said that she can drink a lot, more than most guys. Note: The article inply that Charmaine is trying to get back at her ex-beau Benny Chan by having a great time in company of other men.

Charmaine even sang Happy Birthday (on mic!) for Carl. Joe, Derek and the gangs left the VIP room after midnight but Charmaine stayed until 3am.


2nd pic: Charmane playing hand guessing games and drinking a lot
3rd pic: A little 'high', Charmaine sang Happy Bday
Last pic: A slightly drunk Charmaine making cute faces


Anonymous said...

the main thought going through my mind when i read this article was, "wow... how long have the reporters been hording these pictures"... because charm's hair hasn't grown THAT much, has it? but anyways, thanks for the news... interesting... but i still don't find it that credible... =)

sehseh said...

because charm's hair hasn't grown THAT much, has it?

It was taken last week. Charmaine already had hair extension. You can search my older post and see her long hair now :)

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