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Friday, October 21, 2005

Beneath The Charm: Episode 3-4

New characters:
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Chuk Yau Pong. He is the only son of Chuk Mun Tin and Nga Sin. That make him first cousin of Yau Seng. He studied business economics in Japan, along with Ming Man.

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Mandy Cho as Chuk Ming Man. She's Master Chuk youngest daughter, who came back from Japan after Yau Seng died. Typical spoiled rich little girl. Not a bad person, though.

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Tin Long. I know, we're not introduced his identity in episode 4, but he is one of the (important) sub-characters in BTC (as I read the spoilers in TVB site). I guess we'll see more of him in the latter episodes.

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Ng Yi Zheng. Sorry, I forgot to include him in my first episode introduction. He's the younger brother of Yi Fong and best friend with Yau Yip.

I need some help. Can someone please inform me the real names of the three actors above?

Yau Seng and Wan Siong got hitched at last.

Favorite scene:
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Actually I don't have particular fav scene in epi 3-4 but this scene consider ok lah. At least both of them look genuinely happy in here.

But relating to this scene, there's something I don't understand. How come Wan Shiong agreed so quickly going back to Chuk household? I mean, she softens because Ming Wai said the same word Yau Seng promised her before they got married: "Our child will have anything like any other children have". But I expect her to hesitate longer, not agreeing in like split seconds.

But she was badly treated by Chuk household when she arrived there. She really got my sympathy. I know she despised Yau Yip, because she thought he caused Yau Seng death on purpose. From her viewpoint, she saw Yau Yip pushing Yau Seng under the falling roof.

Why must TVB give a nice person like Yau Seng such tragic death? The doctor said that Yau Seng broke his rib and it punctured his lungs. Which means he practically drowned to death in his own blood. TVB could have made him 'die' with a broken neck (instant, painless death) but no... they have to spoil my appetite with their twisted suffering for Yau Seng.

Mandy's acting here was terrible. But considering it was her 2nd series, I think I'll have to be lenient because Charmaine acting was similar when she first came out. Look where is Charmaine now :) But I'm not interested in Ming Man anyway. Will try to avoid paying too much attention on her scenes. Pity she is pairing up with two hunks; Mark Kwok and Michael Tong. What a waste of beefcakes.

Here's the link to the opening themevideo of Beneath the Charm. Honestly the singing is not good (sorry, Gigi fans. Please don't flood my site with hate mails) but for those who want to have a sneak preview of what's BTC about, feel free to d/l the clip.

p.s. I have a better quality version, but I can't upload it at office. I will try to upload it on Sunday.


csfan said...

All i know is that the guy, Tin Long.. his name is Fred (Frederick) Cheng

btw, so far are you still going to continue watching TCB? imo, i think its a good series... which ep you up to?

sehseh said...

I will be getting episode 5-6 today.

Fred Cheng huh? He looked kinda cute. Dunno about his acting as he's only onscreen for 1-2 minutes only.

Frankly, I don't think BTC is a good series - yet. Think I'll need to reach episode 10 to decide.

For the time being, I renting this due to two reason:

1. The costumes.

2. Nothing good is airing on TV.

Kidd said...

Yay! Ngo Ka Nin is in the series. I'm so happy. I don't know that he will be in it. He's one of my favourite 2nd line actors together with Cheung Chung Chi, Derek Kwok Jing Hung, Jason Lam Yuen Ying, Mark Kwok Yiu Ming, Jason Lee Si Jit and Gregory Rivers. :)

Btw, Ngo Ka Nin is the actor who plays Chuk Yau Pong. As far as I know, he doesn't have an English name. At least, it is not in his DJ profile. But he has an English nickname - Kelly. :D Another nickname of his is 'P Jai'(P仔).

Kidd said...

Fred Cheng played the computer wiz kid in 'Shine On Yu'. The one who is in love in Yu Chiu's character.

One of the most frustrating thing in this series are the misunderstandings. Yau Yip and Ming Wai only has Wai Seung's best interest at heart, but things always happen to make them look like they have bad intentions toward Yau Seng and Wai Seung. First it's the misunderstanding that Ming Wai tells on Yau Seng and Wan Seung to her father. Then, it's the misunderstading that Yau Yip pushes Yau Seng to the falling pillar. Now, the lastest one, Wai Seung thought it's Ming Wai who gave her the no-birdnest birdnest soup.

I really dislike the father. Even Yau Seng's photo he doesn't let Wan Seung keep.

I'm glad that Ngo Ka Nin's character is a good one. Not as greedy and scheming as his parents.

sehseh said...

Thanks... finally know who's who's in this series

Yi Zheng: Oscar Leung
Tin Long: Fred Cheng
Yau Pong: Ngo Ka Nin

Kidd, can you shed me more info on Nga Ka Nin?

Yeah, I like Greg too. Visited his site regularly, but never posted any mesgs.

I'll be posting episode 5-6 in a moment.

Kidd said...

Here's Ngo Ka Nin's profile.

中文姓名: 敖嘉年
英文姓名: Ngo Ka Nin
花名: P仔、Kelly
出生日期: 9月26日
星座: 天秤座
身高: 172. 5 cm
學歷: 小學三年級
家庭成員: 突然間多o左二個
入行經過: 考入香港電台做DJ
過去主持節目: 第七早,是夜不是夜,男呼鬥組
DJ之前最想做的職業: Fashion Designer
嗜好: 電 影 , 騎 馬 , 吃 東 西 , 唱歌
最喜愛的歌手: 本地 - 蘇永康、Beyond 外地 - Smap
最喜愛的樂隊: 本地 - Beyond 外地 - Smap
最喜愛的演員: 本地 - 梁家輝、劉青雲 外地 - Johnny Depp
最喜愛的衣服: 運動服裝
最喜愛的食物: 青提子
最抗拒的食物: 牛肉、炸的東西
最常到的食肆: TVB 員工餐廳
最理想的異性: 好似 Johnny Depp 一樣有形型,
最難忘的經歷: 八歲時第一次用兩毫子買東西吃
最滿意做過的一件事: 考DJ
最不滿意做過的一件事: 無俾心機讀書
口頭禪: 老友、屁如話
人生目標/理想: 三十五歲前收山,然後環遊世界、
人生格言: 如果唔開心,就一定要同一個信得過的人講!
代表作: 日月星晨音樂夜主題曲

Btw, where did u get the info on the actor who played Yi Zheng? I thought his English name is Leroy. He was credited as Leroy Leung in some movies he was in. His chinese name is Leung Lit Wai.

sehseh said...

Thanks Kidd.

I'm not sure whether it's Oscar or Leroy. Sam from kindly informed me it was Oscar.

Anonymous said...


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