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Friday, September 02, 2005

Yummy Yummy episode 22-26 mag scan

Better late than never :) Credits to Dezzy and fung_cato.

Look what I found! credit to singtao daily:

Free Image Hosting at

Thank God it's Friday!

Honestly, I had a hard time trying not nod off at work today (don't want to bang my head on the pc monitor, cause it might require a few stitches and worse: social embarassment. Ouch!)

I swear I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight...


sehseh said...

Charmaine and Kevin argued but they didn't officially broke up. Just some cooling off period. They still care about each other, so there's might be hope that they will end together.

Pray that TVB doesn't screw up again - they always like to tell you that if you waited long enough, surely you can nab the guy/gal of your dreams.

TVB motto: Wait patiently, supportively until he/she broke up with their spouse/bf-gf. But of course, got to have the 'oh-i-can't-it's-wrong, so-guilty-part' before accepting the guy/gal.

alice said...

oooi really hope they didn't break up!!! feel so sad!!!

alice said...

oo i forgot to ask u one thing seh do i upload a clip to a blog?? it's in Mpg charmaine's sweet bicycle scene??

sehseh said...

erm, you mean the html code? I'll email them to you.

alice said...

sorry to interupt u sehseh...but i am really slow at these stuff..can u help me with the html thingy?? i have email u several u must remember me..... it's .. sorry again!!:P

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