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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Yummy Yummy ending

Finally finished watching YY last night. The ending was okay, albeit a little rushed but still manage to tie some loose end. I've ripped the Charmaine & Kevin reconcilation part below:

Anyway, I have an announcement. From now on, Saturday will be my official day off from this blog. Therefore, you won't see me posting news or replying request on Sat anymore unless 'special' occassion. I'd really need a break from working. I mean, Mon-Fri I'm preoccupied with work AND this blog, so I figured out I need to detach myself a bit on the weekends. I have a life too, you know '^_^

In meantime, I'm busy writing review for various show as previously posted. So far, what I have in mind:

1. Full House
2. Rainy Day concert
3. Yummy Yummy
4. Drink Drank Drunk
5. My Little Bride (yeap, bought the DVD (expensive!) and watch it TWICE last night, once in korean, the 2nd in cantonese dubbing)
6. and maybe (I said maybe...) Onmyoji 1 & 2
7. Love, So Divine (bought the DVD but has yet to watch it, maybe tonite :) )

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