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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Vote for Rain: 2005 Asia's Hero

Vote for Rain!

Hello~! This is the person in charge of 'Cloud'.

Times read by people the world over is polling about the best hero in 2005 now. So it has recruited candidates for the hero of Asia from more readers than 500 for several weeks. As a result, 12 of the candidates are selected.

And Rain, our hero, is one of them!

The poll is continuing now. And then, the one who is most supported will be laid bafore public in the website of Times as 2005 Asian hero on october 3rd.

I'm asking you to take part in the poll for Rain who became not our only hero but a Asian hero.

More news: Rain and Jang Dong-Gun (Korea-Japan exchange)

To celebrate 40 years of Japan-Korea good relation ties, several Korean stars including : Jang Dong-Gun, Lee Byung-Hun, Kwon SangWoo and Kim SeungWoo will fly to Tokyo today, to make preparation to attend 2 consecutive sessions of [Korea All-Star Summit] event tomorrow, Rain, Jewelry and current popular singers will appear as performing guests, a first ever such performance.

According to the Organizer, due Jang Dong-Gun, Lee Byung-Hun and Kwon Sang-Woo’s huge popularity among Japanese Fans, if they were to arrive together at the airport, it will create human-traffic at Narita airport! At this moment the plan is for them to leave individually to distract the attention of the Fans, hoping to reduce the danger of pushing incident at the airport so as to prevent unnecessary casualty.

(translated by Renatta from

Plus, vote Full House as 2005 Favorite K-Drama!

Vote now and get a chance to win an English-subtitled DVD, plus other prizes.

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