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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

This Detestable Love (pic preview)

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Pics thanks to Kairu@Rain International and

p.s. Rain looked very tired in the pics... I hope he had enough rest, with all those CF, concerts, TV series and his new album. Oppa, aza aza fighting!

*Newly added: Translation for the promo clip* Credit to Genevieve @fanrain

[Jeong, JiHun and Shin, MinAh
Sep 12, at z studio for poster shooting of drama This Damned Love]

Camera director: So, you can show as if you’ve given up everything, or you’ve just…

RAIN: Ah! This is Jeong, JiHun.
Shin, (MinAh): Hello! Shin MinAh here.
Q: Your characters in the drama?
RAIN: Yes, uh… I will be a k-1 fighter. And later I’ll be uh… in the turmoil of some misunderstanding, I’ll betray my brother and take revenge on his woman. Kang BokGu is the name of the character I’ll play.
Shin: Yes. I’ll be Cha EunSeok, an actress who regards love as the most important thing.

[Poster shooting]
Camera director: I hope your eyes show some sparkling.
RAIN: Not easy with my small eyes...
Camera director: (to an assistant) Bring one more light. JiHun, I cannot see your eyes.
RAIN: I’m telling you, my eyelids cover the eyes… I’m sorry for having small eyes…
Camera director: No, no. Your hair covers your eyes. That’s why I cannot see your eyes.

Q: We heard that you are doing a special physical training for the drama?
RAIN: Well, I am learning k-1 sports. You see, it’s a street fighter I’ll be playing. The one who does not have a proper train, but good at fighting. So, I am training myself to be like that.

[Image of RAIN’s exercising; Sangdoo, let’s go to school]
[Back to the poster shooting place]

Camera director: Good! Good! Great! Great! Okay!

Q: MinAh, did you like the photos?
Shin: Yes, they look good.

[Shooting of RAIN alone]

Q: You’ve worked with beautiful actresses only?
RAIN: I think I am lucky for having beautiful partners in dramas. This time too. The partner is a very nice person, so that I am so honored. I think the drama will turn out a success.

Q: Shin, you’re lucky to have worked with handsome actors?
Shin: All the actors I worked with have been so nice that I could learn a lot from them. This drama also will give me an opportunity of learning something, I think.

RAIN: Thank you for enlisting me as a handsome actor.
The title is “This Damned Love”. It will start to air from 31 October, every Monday and Tuesday. I think it will be a drama you can watch at your cozy home this winter.
Shin: I think the drama will give you new feelings. You can expect that. And hope you support us too.

RAIN: It will be very interesting.
Q: How interesting?
RAIN: Well, once you watch it, you can’t take your eyes off it.
Shin: We wish you a happy Chuseok!(Korean Thanksgiving Day) Hope to have your great expectation for This Damned love. Thank you!
RAIN: Thank you!

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The persons to perform in the KBS-2 Drama ‘This Detestable Love’(Provisional Title, scriptwriter: Lee Kyeonghui, Producer: Gim Gyutae) such as Rain and Shin Mina had their first script-practicing time for long 6 hours.

Together with Gim PD and scriptwriter Lee's explaining the characters and correcting each performer’s speech tone through talking, this day’s script practice was carried in a happy and harmonious atmosphere.

As young performers gathered, they soon got so accustomed to each other they would break into laughter at times.

Arriving at home 2 days ago after Budokan performance and participating in this day’s script practice, Rain looked a little tired. But he showed an enthusiasm shouting out to express a passionate emotion.

At the passage of quarreling with his girlfriend, he raised his voice and assimilated the speech, “Shut up, oh please shut up. Don’t you hear me saying?”

“I was startled by Rain’s yelling,” said the scriptwriter Lee beside Rain, “But I am satisfied with the performers’ great zeal.”

And she expressed complacence in a mix of joke, “The performers are great in appearances, but they are all pure and kind-hearted. By the way, if they compete with others in stature, our performers’ average height alone will win the first place.”

In this day’s script practice, they had a mealtime with hamburgers and practiced throughout the 6 hours without any special rest.

The other performers and PD Gim and scriptwriter Lee, except Rain who expressed his fatigue and Gim Sarang, went to a nearby bacon restaurant and had a late supper promising their unity.

Meanwhile, after the rehearsal with the other performing members’ joining on 10th of the next day, they will take to the first shooting on coming September 15th.

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