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Sunday, September 18, 2005

"This Detestable Love" begins filming

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At 10:30 September 15th, there was the first shooting of the KBS TV Drama ‘A Love To Kill’ in the changui gate(彰義門) Jongno-gu Seoul. Rain performed a rebellious-boyish attitude with a much-wounded face in vintage-styled clothes.

Random photos: Rain is acting in the scene in which he walks out of the changui gate in vintage-styled clothes with many wounds over the body without a facial expression.

Argh~ Why are they treating Rain like this? Giving my Oppa such ugly clothes!

Plus: Translation of the interview clip with Rain on this series. Credit to Genevieve from fanrain

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[Jeong, JiHun and Shin, MinAh, two people in heartbreaking love]

Reporter: How are you?

Both: Fine, thank you! How are you?

[the reporter and RAIN shake hands]

Reporter: I am so happy to meet you!

RAIN: I am happy to meet you, too.

RAIN: (after watching Reporter shook hand with Shin, Minah) your handshake with me was not like that… (laughs)

Q: How would you describe the drama?

RAIN: First of all, it's an unattainable love. And, it's about revenge… Uh, actually the revenge equals Love here. Now, I have to portray this equation with my acting, which is very difficult.

[poster shooting]

Q: I think JiHun played an actor in the drama series?

RAIN: That's right!

Reporter: In Full House… [No image from Full House is provided]

Q: Is this first time for two of you to meet?

RAIN: In my debut year, I was modeling for a garment company. We met at that time; we knew each other back from my debut year. But, we didn't talk to each other at all. We could've been friends…

Q: What would you compare Jeong, JiHun now with him in the past?

Shin: It was a few years ago, and we were much younger. He was a bit like a boy. Now, shall I say he is man-ish…?

Reporter: "man-ish" is such a proper description! (feeling RAIN's arm) How are they? How are your muscles?

RAIN: (to his manager?) Give him some dough! (Laughs)

Q: Your description of shin, MinAh?

RAIN: Very much, um, how shall I put it… I have very good feelings about this actress. And, for the first time, I'm working with an actress who's younger than me!

Reporter: Finally, you have escaped from an actress elder to you.

RAIN: That's right!

[video clip from Sangdoo, let's go to school: the actress was born in 1980, while RAIN was in 1982] [clip from full House, the actress was four months older than RAIN]

Q: Will you reveal your body a lot in the drama?

RAIN: Yes, since that filming will be done in the ring, the upper part of my body will be revealed, I guess.

Reporter: Now! So many mature ladies will die for it!

RAIN: Yes, my mother-fans (mature fans) especially, do watch the drama, please.

[The first filming of the drama in the street]
[People are watching]

[interviewing elder ladies]: Do you like RAIN?
a) Of course, I do. He's so very handsome. :) Yes, I like him. So handsome, cute.

Q: Have you prepared anything special for playing your character?

RAIN: Well, I want… If it is possible, I want to go without make-up in this drama.

[RAIN practice k-1 sports]

To the viewers

RAIN: Yes, I wish you all a happy Chuseok. Hope you have a lot of Song-pyeon (special rice cake for Chuseok).

Shin: I hope you are always healthy and happy.

RAIN: Yes. And don't forget to tune in This Damned Love on October 31. Please don't ever edit off this! Thank you! Good bye!

(*translator's note: The title of the drama can be translated in many ways. Here I want to explain two examples of translation. If this is written in Korean as "I jukilnomuy sarang", then my translation of This Damned Love can be close to the meaning.

But if it is written with space between the word, like "I jukil(space)nomuy sarang", the closest translation can be "The guy who does not deserve love".

Interesting eh? Well, we'll see how the Korean orthography turns out in the official poster.)

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