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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

This and That of TVB

TVB has announced that this year's anniversary series will be "The Charm Beneath", "Legend of Ah Wong" and "Mr Chan of Foshan".

D**n, that's mean there LWOLAP won't be aired anytime soon, and so does Always on Standby. Sigh... there goes Charmaine chance at the Best Actress award. Looking on the bright side, this also mean she will have 3 series lining up next year: LWOLAP, AOS and Dancing Flame of Golden Sands (DFOGS) - all of them are grand production with over 30 episode each. My prediction is DFOGS will be next year's anniversary series.

Also, found something interesting regarding this year anniversary: (credit to Fuzzybear from cinple forum)

Since the audience nowadays are more interested in the awards rather than the performances during the anniversary show, TVB now plans to cut down on the performances and make it more of an awards show like the Emmys.

Other changes include the titles of the awards - Fave Actor/Actress will become Best Actor/Actress, Most Improved = Best Newcomer, Extraordinary Actor/Actress = Best Supporting Actor/Actress. Because of JITP's popularity, TVB also plans to have awards for non-TVB-produced series and hopes to get JITP's lead actress Lee Ying Ae to attend.

Lastly, TVB will also give out awards to behind-the-scene personnel to recognise their efforts. The show will now be telecast live to all countries where TVB series are available for rental.

My sis will be very happy to know that they have decided to cut down on the fluff. Last year, she was commenting that the pompous performances are getting more boring by the year.

Most Improved changed to Best Newcomer? After last year's result with Ron Ng and Shirley as the 'Most Improved', I'm not bothered anymore. Well, except from sending the executives back to school to have someone teach them what the word 'improved' meant. But then, everyone know the results were 'make horse'...

Without much doubt, this year competition for the Best Actress award would be between Liza and Kenix. Unless The Charm Beneath and Legend of Ah Wong have terrific ratings, I'd pretty much say that Gigi and Jessica are out of the view. Nominated: yes, but taking home the prize... no need to draw the intestines out lah.

Hmm... I wonder why Best Actress/Favorite Actress award always created such a buzz... seem like that no one really pay THAT much attention to the male counterpart. Was is the jewelleries, the evening dress or just plain catfights behind the scene? You be my guest. And TVB has downgraded Extraordinary Actress/Actor award to Supporting Actress/Actor. So much for the consolation prize for Best Actress/Actor. Good news for younger 2nd rate actress/actor though...

The best thing out of this news is that we may get to watch it live this year! Last year, I remember sitting behind the pc waiting for results updates in the forum. We in Malaysia only get to rent it a week after airing. I wonder which channel they're going to broadcast it in... TV3 or 8TV?

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Anonymous said...

And TVB used "Best" (like in Best Actress) back in 1997 (or 1998, but I'm pretty sure it was '97). Why they give out awards, I don't know because some of the winners shouldn't have won that year at all (b/c they do not have the better performance in my opinion).

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