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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Rainy Season

First of all, a very big THANKS to Amanda who took the time to write this review for me. Hahaha, I'd barely started my review yet (ok, I'm lazy... will start tonight, I swear!).

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Rainy Season by Amanda

He sprang (yes, you read it right) unto the stage and literally stood posing while absorbing the magnitude of the loud roar from his fans. That was how Rain opened his first concert, It’s Raining.

Here are a few things that you should expect from his concert:
1. Dance
2. Strip (you read that right again)
3. Rain (the real thing)
4. Tears

It’s hard to believe that those monosyllabic descriptions actually portray a whole lot of emotions from Rain. I’m not going to give a blow by blow account of the whole concert. That would take me pages and pages to finish. Don’t have that much time. Besides, a review in chronological order won’t do Rain justice. He deserves attention at the right places :)

His dance moves were everywhere. Fast songs with upbeat rhythms saw Rain moving in tempo. He has dynamic stage presence. Especially when he is dancing. Broad muscular shoulders were accentuated by his narrow waist. His clothes clung to every corner and showed off his very well toned physique. For girls who like their guys with great body, seeing him will make you sigh ~

His movements were so…fluid. Yeah, that’s the word. He just flows with the music. And when he thinks it’s the right time, he flashes his mega-watt smile. So adorable! For those who have watched Full House, you would definitely know what I mean. Rain has these small eyes that has a hint of naughty-ness. When he smiles, it reaches all the way to the eyes, so it is really genuine. Coupled with his baby face, you just want to hug his innocence.

Ah ha! Don’t be deceived by his charm because he is quite a big bad boy on stage. He strips! Gasp! He has a tendency to rip his clothes on stage. Or let his dancers rip it off for him. There were some provocative moments as well when he got too close with the female dancers. I’m kind of conservative. So I was rather shocked. However, I believe many of you would feel that his performance was delicious. Ahem ahem….

Several slow renditions gave the crowd some time to breathe from screaming their lungs out. When singing his slow song, he took time to walk out to the crowds and acknowledge his fans. He was appreciating their support and gave a heart-felt performance. During intervals, he would make small talk with fans, encouraging them for some fun and cheeky response.

And what is a Rain concert without rain? It was a dramatic moment when he sang a slow number, fell to his knees and down came the rain (real rain you know…the watery kind. I was kind of afraid that he might get electrocuted or something with all the fancy lights going on). He was wet with rain and emotion. Good show! What great use of stage presence! Bravo!

Another slow number saw Rain in tears. He misses his mother who died a few years back and he remembered her as he sang. Because of that, he endeared his fans to say “I love you” to their parents and said that family is very important. To emphasize his statement, he declared his love for his father and sister who were also present at the concert. Awww….

In whole, his concert was simply enjoyable from the beginning till the end. He is very captivating and knows how to use his stage presence and space well. The jumping buildings and Moulin Rouge-like entrance in his trademark song “It’s raining” were memorable. If you have not seen his concert, you wouldn’t understand me. Jumping buildings? Moulin Rouge? Huh? :) And that lucky fan who got to be on stage with him.

My only gripe was the recording of the concert. I believe the sound system at the actual concert was magnificent. But if you listened and watched it on television, it was really disappointing to note that the quality isn’t that good.

All in all, Rain gave an energetic performance that will surely leave fans asking for more (I’m not endorsing Pepsi ^_^). Really good for his first live concert. It looks like rainy season is here to stay for some time.

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