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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Rain won “The Best Asia Artist Award” in Thailand

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“Asia Star” Rain has made another hit wave in Thailand. On 17th this month, Thailand’s Virgin TV Station and Channel 3 jointly held “Virgin Radio Hit 40” Award Ceremony which Rain has won “The Best Asia Artist Award”, a newly added award item. This Award was derived from the highest average score between Thailand Local Music Chart Hit and Votes from the public. Rain beat the other Asian popular singers like SE7EN, Lee Hom, Jay Chow and won the award.

As Rain was not able to attend this Award ceremony in Bangkok, he gave his thank you speech via video conference, expressing that he was grateful to all his Asian Fans for their great support; in order to reward his Fans, he will give his best performance in his current-shooting TV drama [This D**med Love] and his new (4th) album which will be released next year.

Meanwhile, during the Award Ceremony, STAR sang {I think I}, {I will thank you} all songs from the TV drama [Full House]. As she being the first singer to top 8 Music Charts in Thailand, STAR has been the focus of the local media which shown great interest in her - a speculation of a potential rising Korean star.

Last month in Thailand, there was a record high of viewing rate at 64% for the last episode of [Full House], Rain’s 3rd album [It’s raining] has also sold more than 100,000 copies in Thailand and the original sound track of the TV drama has sold more than 50,000 copies within 3 weeks.

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