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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Rain want to collaborate with Jay

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From enemy to friend, Rain wanted to collaborate with Jay

Please stop saying Rain and Jay are not please with each other due to Rain grabbed away Jay's ad. Yesterday night, Rain interviewed by China media and said :' In the future, i hope i can collaborate with Jay in the musical production.' While Jay who is now in Su Zhou, China replied after heard what Rain said :' It would be great if there is an opportunity to collaborate.'

Rain is now the hottest star after the Korean drama, 'Full house' was showed. And lately, he even grabbed away Jay's DHC ad. Both of their fans even criticized on each of their supporting idol. Rain was asked to give opinion regarding to Jay. He smiled and said :' Although i still not yet meet him before, but i know he is a talented singer. Both of us has different style on music. I hope we can collaborate together in the future. '

Rain also said :' We shouldn't compete see who is the winner. In the other way, i think we should show and represent world class music will come from Asian. No matter it is Jay or other Asian singer, i hope we all can produce better quality of music and it is important for us to work on it.'

Yesterday Jay was in SuZhou to prepared his concert in there. Regarding Rain wanted to collaborate with him, Jay didn't reject it but he didn't say much about it.

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