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Friday, September 30, 2005

Rain, badly beaten up

Got your attention? No lah, no one can beat up my oppa! He's just filming a scene in "This Damned Love" where he went fist to fist (or face *gasp*) in a bloody fight with another K1 boxer. The injuries look pretty real... though I personally think that the blood should be a darker shade. But who cares about the blood when you look at those killer abs?! Look at them, like a bar of delicious chocolate!

Credits to Sexy Bi and Rain's Scent.


alicechen said...

those sexy ABS!!!! ****drools**** Bi looks so hot there!!! tell me...WHO BEAT HIM UP????.....jk

Anonymous said...

haha. chocolate're too funny, sehseh. altho yes, his ab is very toned!!

sehseh said...

OMG... read from the news that Rain was actually hit by the other actor! Here's the news from

On a video-taping scene of hybrid martial art in the succeeding KBS mini series ‘A Love To Kill’ on September 28, it really happened that Rain(Jeong Jihun) was hit by the counterpart actor.

On the scene that was expected to be knocked nicely down pretending to be hit by the other party on the drama, Rain(Jeong Jihun) was yet actually hit. And so he made an NG, about which the staff members worried. But Rain is saying OK in cute smile.

My poor Rain! OUCH!

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