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Friday, September 23, 2005

Love Story in Harvard - ending

LSH finally finished airing last night. Can't say it was a good series (especially the horrible english) but definitely has some touching moments, though a little cliched but I guess I'm a sucker for tearjerkers.

For those who are curious, Su In (Kim Tae Hee) did not die and recovered from leukimia after a bone marrow transplant. Before watching the ending I had known that she will have a triplet - which I wonder how come since she underwent those chemotheraphy and surgery which will most definitely render her infertile. In the end, apparently she had her eggs extracted BEFORE her treatment and was able to conceive via in-vitro. The funny thing is, I wonder if Hyun Woo knows about her plans as he seem clueless when she hinted to him at the airport. Actually, she fertilised the eggs WHILE Hyun Woo was away in America. Err... I think he'd be shocked rather than (pleasantly) surprised. But the ending scenario showing the couple holding the triplets, that was so sweet so I guess I can forget how disturbing the earlier scenes was. I would really appreciate it if someone can send me the family pic in the end. Please?

Tonight they will be showing Spring Days. I have a feeling it will be similar to Winter Sonata and Autumn in My Heart. You know, childhood first love, memory loss, crazy love rivals, and not to forget the terminal disease formula. If you're a girl, you'd better not born into korean tv because 90% you will have either leukimia or brain tumor. If I'm not mistaken, the lead actor is the guy in Jewel in The Palace. Dunno about the rest therefore sorry for my ignorance, ok?

I know I've been stalling my reviews. God knows when I'll finally drag my arse to type them. I'm now split between making screencaps for Yummy Yummy (as task which I've postpone since ages) or writing my reviews. You see, my pc keep hanging whenever I play video (to make screencaps) so I get frustrated of constantly re-starting my pc.


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