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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

DFOGS filming continues

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From left: Maggie, Kenny, Charmaine, Moses, Gigi, Bowie and Gigi.

About 30 DFOGS crews (including Maggie, Ada, Gigi, Charmaine, Bowie, Moses, Kenny) left HK on July 31 for filming at Yin Chuan, China. They will stay there for about 1.5 months. They enjoy the trip.

The opening ceremony attracted many media and fans.

The crews meet challenges during the filming, due to the climate and condition there (desert and highland). There was one scene where Maggie delivered lunch to Kenny Wong (her husband in this series). Maggie said her legs were very tired due to the long distance she had to walk for that scene.

credits to shaw_mag from Maggie's Forum

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