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Monday, September 19, 2005


I was browsing through and to my suprise; there's actually a clip highlighting the filming of DFOGS in YinChuan, Mainland China and also a brief section about the ending scene of this series.

Updated 26/09/2005:
Added download link for the clip. Special credit to Qingwa.

Anyway, here's some pics of the cast member being interviewed:

Ending scenes: Highlight to read the spoilers at your own risks. Please do not re-post the spoilers as it might ruin the series for other people.

(Highlight) In the end, Charmaine has already became an old lady. She walked along the village street and start to think about the past. You can see Ada and her son, Maggie and Kenny, Gigi and Bowie walking by her (I assume they're either dead or gone as they're still in their 23-30's). Charmaine went up to the mountains to scatter the ashes of her lover, Moses who died in the war. Many years ago, Moses joined the war, promising to return. He did return shortly, but left again. He never came back afterwards...


alice said...

so this means that charm ends up alone AGAIN?? well...maybe not again....but kinda kno that....spoiler...geeezzz..

bao said...

kinda reminds me of country spirit
cannot wait to watch this!! ><
love their hooded outer attires..

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