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Monday, September 26, 2005

Charmaine pics in Singapore

Credits to SgPals and Eileen

Translation for last week articles related to Sg trip:

About the chinese article about Yummy Yummy promotional event in Singapore, it's nothing special, just a brief rundown of their schedule. As you might already know, Charmaine, Raymond and Kevin visited Singapore on the 20th Sept to promote YY. When asked if she will 'fight' for her love if there's another girl after her love interest, Charmaine said 'yes' if she doesn't know her love rival. But if the other girl was her friend, Charmaine would rather keep quite and bury her feelings (sort of like Tavia character's in YY, huh?) Kevin said he won't get himself stuck in triangle relationship.

The article also mentioned about Ben Yeo's Cantonese. They explained that the director allowed him to speak half his dialogue in mandarin, or else the filming will take forever! Charmaine and Kevin jested that whenever Ben practiced his Cantonese scripts, the rest of the gang would take the opportunity to catch a nap or chat with each other. They praised that Ben was very hardworking in learning Cantonese, but seeing him again... It seems that his Cantonese skills has 'deteriorate'.

Though Charmaine doesn't need to cook in the series, but in reality she makes a good chef! This is because she studied Hotel Management in Switzerland. Her favorite was making dessert. Even her friends complimented that she is very good in making western cuisine. Because she's living alone, she doesn't cook that much anymore. "I'll definitely cook when I'm married with kids."

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Also updated today:

1. Added translation for newest DFOGS clip:

2. Added d/l link for DFOGS clip (spoilers on ending, full translation this weekend)

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