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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Charmaine got hair extension!

Credit to the Charmaine fantasy forum and Muka

Charmaine was in mainland for the opening of a new Afortane shop, and the boss drove to the airport himself to pick Charmaine up!

The opening ceremony attracted about a thousand people, but because of the strong wind, Charmaine's dress kept getting blown up, so she had to keep her hands pressed on her dress while standing on the balcony. After the ceremony was over, Charmaine was invited to lunch by the officials, and during both the meal and the ceremony, many people came up to ask for pictures with Charmaine.

The boss Mr. Hui says that the Afortane product sale went up by 50% over the last year and Charmaine is a very good spokesperson and he would drive her personally to other shops for future opening ceremonies. Charmaine says "I am very happy working with Mr. Hui, he is a very caring person and also very easy-going, I hope he opens more stores so I can keep doing opening ceremonies."

Sehseh's comment: Wow! Charmaine got herself hair extension and I must say, money well spent! She looked lovely in the new hairstyle and she look like she have gained back some healthy weight! So glamorous looking! So sexy! I'm a girl too but still, I'm in awe of her sexiness, totally mesmerized! Drools~ Charmaine really have a special appeal...

Anyway, here's some beautiful pics from Special credit to YEAH too :)

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