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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Charmaine, Gigi & Bowie

There's a small piece of news of DFOGS cast today on The Sun and Oriental Daily today. Nothing interesting, the cast were just having dinner together at a hotel and the reporters trying to stir some rumor again.

Charmaine, Bowie and Moses were seen leaving the hotel laughing and chatting with each other while Gigi was left alone behind. According to the report, they spotted the reporters and Charmaine quickly pulled Gigi to take pictures with them to avoid 'misunderstanding' that they are giving Gigi cold shoulders.

The reporters also asked whether they're here to 'discuss' their future projects with TVB executives. They said "No", having dinner with them are quite common; they did it every month with different artistes (since four of them are considered to be TVB big sisters and brothers appeared together here, that is why the reporters are curious of this event).

Aiks... what do you expect? Just because you're good friends, that doesn't mean you gotta be joined at the hips, right? It's normal not to walk together, maybe Gigi got something to do so she left a bit later.

Here's more pics of Gigi in DFOGS courtesy of Kitson from TVBChineseNews:

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