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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Yummy Yummy mag translation

Here's a brief translation of TVB mag featuring Ray and Charmaine:

Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh - Creating success together

Yummy Yummy is a series about five youth creating their success in life together, and highlights their friendship.

In the series, Ray and Charmaine from start from enemies and then to good business partner. They have just returned from Yummy Yummy promotional activity, and they seem very playful around each other. Ray cheekily teased Charmaine for being so thin she can't balance herself on the beanie bag, so Charmaine pulled his ears for revenge. Seeing them playing pranks on each other, they're actually good friends, with no rumors between them.

Raymond Lam – Mischievous rich kid

Raymond is no stranger rich kid roles, however he said that there are several types of rich kids. Unlike the arrogant rich kid in (Wandering Medic), Yau Hock Lai is a useless rich kid: "Actually he has a lot of ambition, in appearance he's very confident and capable. The truth is he doesn't have the resolution to persevere because he's used to rely on other people. He talks non-stop, love to joke, giving a sunny feeling to other people so it's hard to dislike him.

Even so, 'Mandy mom' (Charmaine) added that he's troublesome and always create trouble to others; like bringing a drunken girl back in the series. If this happen in real life, being his nanny is really difficult!

Up to mountains and down to oceans – Extra difficult

Ray said that filming Yummy Yummy was even more difficult than filming costume dramas because it involved a lot of outdoor scenes, not only the weather is hot, there's a lot of difficult stunts. “Singapore was very hot, with a lot of outdoor scenes. I even have to climb up mountain, going down into water to catch fish, and running all the time. We eat non-stop till I'm afraid; so Charmaine must have a lot of fun watching us."

However difficult, Ray felt it was worthwhile because this series can motivate the youth. "After the initial 7 episodes, the contest ends and the five open a shop together, meeting a lot of obstacles, making choices, but of course in the end they will succeed la! Hope this series can inspire the audience."

Charmaine Sheh– Nanny experience starts from MHK

The all along sheltered Charmaine; this time has to be a calm and supportive 'Mandy mom' her children. Her performance appear to be very natural and calm. Charmaine said she actually gained experience about nanny from MHK, she just learn what her nanny did and incorporate it into her character.

At this Ray smiled and said to the reporter that Charmaine acted very well. "I'm use to calling my nanny xx mom! Since we're from the entertainment business itself, Charmaine can learn from the others around her; plus she's a cool and opinioned person herself. Pay close attention to her mannerism and language in the series, it's very convincing!"

Enjoying taking care of the 'children'

Charmaine said being a nanny was not difficult at all, she actually enjoyed the process: "I don't need to participate in the contest, I just need to watch them falling into water, eating hundred sticks of satay (very scary)! In return if I have to participate like them, I think I'm dead since I'm too frightened to catch a live chicken!"

Though she doesn't need to participate in the contest, but in terms of love, friendship and family Charmaine faced a big test. "Yan (Tavia) and I was very close early in the series, I treat her like a real sister; constantly helping her out. Then I found out she's actually my half sister, and even fell in love with the same man. What will happen? You'll have to watch the series to find out."

The last 2 page talk about what kind of dream business they have. Charmaine said she want to open a western style coffee house, while Ray opted for a fashion boutique.

Mag scans here:

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