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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Yummy Yummy kissing scene

p.s. I've heard from Tavia forum *spoilers* (highlight to read) that Kevin going to end up with Tavia after all. I'm so mad!!!


Anonymous said...

arrggg! i am mad! stupid tvb. thanks sehseh. I'm sad and mad. but its typical of tvb to do that. ::sigh:: just wasted my money renting all 18 eps this week. I really hated it when charmaine doesn't end up with anyone.


alice said...

OMG!!! this is serious matter!! after reading all those cute and sweet scenes of charm and kevin.....and all of a sudden KABOOM >> they don't end up with each other!!! what's that?? GRRR

Anonymous said...

I hope this isn't really true, since this series isn't finished yet. So let's hope for the best and hope that Charmaine will end up with Kevin.

sehseh said...

Hmm.. i don't know...TVB is very good at screwing up a series.

LWOLAP better be good or I'll swear hate TVB!

Man, how come Yan can have everything without really putting any effort into it? Why must Mandy forgive her and her family?

1. Mandy asked her whether she was her half sister and Yan lied to her face. Her reasoning: Don't want to lose a good sister and hope Mandy can forgive them = selfish thought.

2. Yan move in with Mandy to 'take care' of her. But who's taking care of who? Yan mulut saja cakap (talk only) she care for Mandy, but in the end it's just NATO = No Action Talk Only)

3. Mandy gave her $400,000 without asking and she could have be frank with Mandy and tell her the truth. But Yan choose to keep mum and took the money to save her family a**. Oh, yeah... she's a bit 'guilty'. I bet she forget abt the guilty part when she settle her debts. Selfish x10.

Mandy is the one looking out for her. That money was left by her mother, who died after MANY suicide attempt and severe depression. And what happened? Mandy gave it all away to Yan, to save the man that ruined her life. How can you forgive them? Honestly, I can't. Heck, if I'm Mandy I'd sued them for fraud.

That man, the so called father, never cared for her all these years, not even a hello. Now he want to be a happy family again? SOrry, not in eternity.

Anonymous said...


Grrr... now I'm just furious. I know "hate" is a strong word but I already can't help but hate "Ah Yan." (I think I have issues.. -_-)

Poor Mandy. Can't blame her for hating the father so much that she wouldn't visit him at the hospital. I'm sorry to say, he probably deserve that. He want her love... he's gonna have to make up for it.

And if Yan is a good sister? She shouldn't let a guy get between them. If she love her Sis that much, (sorry if i sound selfish) Yan should not get with Chicken Boy, even if Chicken Boy likes her. She should know its gonna hurt Mandy even if Mandy wanted them to be together. (Anyways, Mandy deserve to get her guy if anything...)

Okie, nuff of my ranting. Sorry. :D

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