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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Yummy Yummy function 2


Special thanks to Muka. Download the clip using asf recorder.

I know, I was supposed to post Yummy Yummy screencaps and summary today. I seem to forget that I used to need 5-6 hours to make screencaps for every 2 episodes. My damn pc keep 'freezing' today, it's already 5 hours and I haven't even finish doing the capturing part of epi 1-2 yet. But I will at least upload the pics of epi 1-2 tomorrow. About the summary part, someone else has already created a fansite for it (sorry, I forgot the link, hope someone can advertise here for me. I'll post when I remember the link. Darn, getting senile!). Therefore, there will be no summary on my part. Sorry to disappoint but please do understand I'm being paid by my company to do their job, not running my blog during office hours!

-_-" Sorry folks!

Enough of my ramblings. If anyone want spoilers for Yummy Yummy up to episode 6, feel free to ask :)


csfan said...

is this the site you are talking about It has the summary of episodes one to four posted up including screencaps!!

p.s- sehseh where are you up to for yummy yummy?

sehseh said...

yes, thanks.

I'm up to episode 6. Will get epi 7-8 tomorrow if i'm not mistaken

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